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On the website it says there are a bunch of moves and skills. Looks cool!

Here is the website:

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This is my friend's game actually. Played it a few times and it's really good. They are nice guys as well

Fun seeing it on Giant bomb forums - I always listen to the podcast and stuff. Good site imo

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Looks like a neat idea, but underdeveloped. Graphically it looks rough, as does some of the fighting and moving around. Still, the RPG mechanic probably adds depth to it, and the multi-device multiplayer is a neat idea that, for some reason I don't understand (assuming there is a reason), doesn't get implemented on smartphone games as often as it should. The touch controls don't seem to be the most optimal way to play this game at all, but I guess it looks playable.

I think that if this game was seriously well developed and given controller support, I'd probably buy it and I don't why it wouldn't reach mass appeal. Punching people around in an American football game with RPG mechanics sounds like a pretty great pitch, one you'd expect to find in a best-selling indie game on Steam.

You might want to add some more text to your post though. Threads that only offer links to or embed YouTube videos, offering little to no discussion value tend to get locked by moderators for qualifying as YouTube spam (bullet point five in the first list). Not entirely sure that this falls into that category, but if I had to guess I'd say it does.

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Yeah the graphics aren't anything to write how about, but I have been dreaming of an update to Tecmo Bowl for years, and you get to punch dudes!

I really hope that this gets on Steam

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I know there was no malicious intent when you created this thread, but we can't have new threads for every random flash game that gets thrown together and posted on the internet. Otherwise we wouldn't have room to discuss our overwhelming loneliness or body hair.

Sorry, duder.