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Poll: For those that have finished all main Dead Spaces - which is your favourite? (64 votes)

Dead Space 1 41%
Dead Space 2 33%
Dead Space 3 3%
*Just show me the results* 23%

Just finished Dead Space 3, so I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought of the series.

I really loved the abject seclusion and desolation of the first game; the second had a lot more variety, and also some really beautiful lighting and atmosphere; the third did some interesting things, but it just felt really hit or miss to me.

Anyway, I think I'd have to go with 2; I loved the first, but thinking about the first two alongside each-other, I have to say that I liked 2 slightly more than the first.

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The first one. Without a shadow of a doubt.

1 is actually a survival horror game, whereas two gets so far away from that, it is simply an action game with rawr scary monsters. Plus, the last third of dead space 2 is just running through environments, avoiding monsters, not because of low resources or your inability to kill the enemies, simply because fuck fighting them just get this over with.

3 is not worth mentioning next to the other two, although it is a fine game by itself.

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When i first played DS1 it was so freaking scary i couldnt play it for more than 20mins at a time, and i loved it.

The atmosphere, music, sound design, graphics, gore...just suberb.

Especially the sound design, holy hell.

And thats why its my favorite, second being the second and third being the third.

And i dont even say im a big horror fan or anything, there was just something in that game that pushed the right buttons inside my brain

Constant disappointment with the series after 1.

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The first Dead Space by far. It's a classic as far as I'm concerned, and I much prefer its slower, more plodding pace of the Ishimura to the increase in action the sequels took. Isaac just being some guy is undoubtedly the best iteration of Isaac thus far too. He may have been a silent protagonist, primarily characterised by his screams of terror, but rather that than the utterly generic action-man that he morphed into with DS2. Plus the first has the benefit of being the first, so its innovative HUD elements and different take on the horror genre altogether was naturally at its most impressive the first time around.

Though I should add that the segment where you return to the Ishimura during Dead Space 2 is perhaps my favourite moment across the entire series.

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Dead space 1. It was the true sequel to RE4.

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I would have to say Dead Space 2 is the better built game but Dead Space 1 is the best version. DS1 went a little too long where it felt like a couple of events only existed to have enough chapters to spell out "the secret".

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1 of course. Went back and played a bit of it after 3 (and after 2 of course) and still think it holds up.

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Dead Space 2 is my favorite out of the series so far. I loved DS1 since it was such a massive change to the genre with its atmosphere, UI, and gameplay, but it really felt like it was just a tad too long. I felt that all the minor changes done in Dead Space 2 were for the better except for maybe the change in the zero gee enviroments. DS2 really struck a chord with me that was stronger than DS1.

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No takers at all for Dead Space 3?

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No takers at all for Dead Space 3?

I'm playing through it with a friend and we've been having a blast. It may not be the best game of the series, but it's probably the most fun.

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Dead Space 2. I liked Dead Space 3 but it just didn't top 2, which is understandable.

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I like 1 and 2 for different reasons but I'll probably say 1 overall. So fresh at the time.

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The first one has got to be actually one of my favorite action horror games of all time. Two got pretty boring, haven't got a chance to play three yet.

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I haven't finished 3 yet, but 2 for sure. It's one of the best games of this gen.

Oddly enough, I disliked the first game. I didn't find it even remotely scary, so it being more horror-focused wasn't as big a plus as it should have been, and I hated the "hey, go fix ANOTHER thing" mission style. I've warmed up to it a lot since then, but my first impression was largely negative. I still hate the asteroid turret sequences, though. Fuck that part.

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I'm torn between 1 and 2. 1 had the superior atmosphere and 2 leaned towars action a bit too much, IMO, but the cinematic scenes of 2 are mind-blowing.

Dead Space 3 is shit past the half-way point.