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What is with this year?

Ray Manzarek, Storm Thorgerson, Roger Ebert, Ryan Davis, and now this impactful gentleman. Ravi Shankar too passed away not a year ago. Just... It seems I'm reading about people that hold significance to me dying more often than ever.

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Rest in peace. God speed.

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Sad day for all in the industry or fans of it. R.I.P sir.

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Sad news, RIP.

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This is the most important video game person to have passed away thus far. Very momentous and saddening.

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RIP good sir.

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A true legend of this industry. Rest in peace.

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Yamauchi's influence on Nintendo, and on the gaming community as a whole is crazy. The dude was the driving force in nintendo for so many years. Right through from their arcade games to the Gamecube, he was the man behind it all.

I read the book "Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America" which goes into detail about the history of nintendo, and it's all incredibly interesting. Yamauchi had such a key role at that company for so long.

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RIP in peace!

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Thank you for the childhood memories Mr. Yamauchi.

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Rest in peace, Yamauchi-san.

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Bummer, RIP sir.

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A true beacon of the industry and a true humanitarian.

@hailinel said:

Rest in peace, Yamauchi-san.

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RIP. Thanks for the N64.

I wonder if Nintendo will change gears and go back to competing in performance hardware. Yamauchi never made a weak console. The Wii U's failure might be a blessing in disguise if they reboot shortly. A ray-tracing capable Nintendo console available in 2 years would really throw a wrench in MS's and Sony's plans of a 8 year or more cycle. X1 and PS4 both missed that boat, but 2 years from now it could very well be possible at a decent price.

I know I couldn't see myself passing up on that tech for 6 years if they were to bring it out first.

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Requsicat in Pace Yamauchi-san.