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On the forum posts it says that forum post count is 9 but i have post  quite alot to day, so i am wondering is how many threads you have created or how many times have you replied

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IDK, but I do wanna know how you changed the color of your username

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Im sure Ive posted way more than 100 but who knows.

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BlackWaterCO said:
"IDK, but I do wanna know how you changed the color of your username"
When you create you name they give you the option of choosing your console affiliation. Green for Xbox, Red for Playstation, Blue for Wii and White for Neutral/PC. You may be able to change the color yourself by editing your profile. I'm sure you'll be able to easily change the color in the future though.
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Remember the site is still on beta

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I don't know if their going to put in post count but I would rather they didn't. On GS a lot of people would spam the boards (mainly system wars) just to raise post count.