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alright, ive been using the site for a couple hours, and i love everything but the forums, its way too cluttered,and the whole first page is posts that were made within seconds of each other and everything else that isnt a "post you gamertag" or "what games do you like" thread gets buried under everything else, please clean the forums up guys, please please please

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The forums work a little different then you're probably used to...in some ways (say, for games) it's better imo, but for this "casual talk" business it gets a little messy.

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they are a bit different, but they are useful. if you want specific forums, go to a game specific page, and itll get up here in the main page. thats the beauty of it. also make some forums as favorites, that way itll be a custom index, you feel?

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I love them!

I like how I can just see the newest posts/topics and easily get into them.

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thats what im talking about, the usual retard thread like "Coke or Pepsi" "McDonalds or Burger King" crowds out everything else, the game stuff though is friggin awesome

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Welcome to the start of the Giant Bomb forums. I'm sure once some mods are appointed and some rules are laid down, things will clear up.

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I don't think I will have a problem with this layout once they stabilize the site. Right now everything takes a bit longer to load because of the wealth of people, so just hold in there and they'll sort everything out. That's why I sometimes love GameFAQs, the site forums uses so little imaging and such that it loads extremely fast.

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Keep the 'forums a mess' to one thread, so it will be less messy [for now]. :P


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As far as i can see the only problem is the slowness of it. But thats expected on the first day.

Otherwise its a sleeker design than that of other forums and probably better in the long run.

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I really like this layout. I think it's easy to navigate, and I like the "Newst Topics" tab.

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It would be cool if we could sort the list of postings by forum, or by how much activity a thread is getting, etc.

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It's beta, What can you do.

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I prefer VB as a forum solution personally.

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This layout is exactly how comicvine is... and trust me... not many people will try to learn how to look for the correct forums

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I like the way it's possible to show the threads of all forums at once, but I'd like to do that without including the off-topic forum.

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I think it's fine, just a little different. And it's only in beta anyway.

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I wish they used something simular to the flexiforum layout. This layout works, but it's not well organized.

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I say everything needs to go into categories like it is for other forum sites

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Its launch day! things are bound to be a bit crazy.

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blizzvalve said:
"I say everything needs to go into categories like it is for other forum sites"
I think they are...
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Meh. It'll get better with time. Patience friend.

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I don't necessarily think categories is a cure all.

My thing is, I like the accessibility to hot topic stuff, but I can see things becoming extremely cluttered.

Things more than likely will even out extremely soon.

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Trust me... it's not going to get better as fast as you all think... comicvine has been out for over a year and even with threads explaining how to work the forums I still have to move lots of topics into the right place... the mods here are going to have lots of fun moving threads around... but I still like the layout... people just need to figure out how the forums work

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It seems a bit disorganized, but there's probably going to be a change down the line that adresses this.

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Yeah, you have to remember that the website is still premature

Its been less than 24 hours so chill

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they are starting to grow on me, so hopefully i'll love it in no time.

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It's going to take a little time to get used to but it's not that bad.

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You are making it worse by posting how bad it is and I'm making it worse by posting how bad you are making it by posting how bad it is.  I'm sure people will cool down after a bit.  It's a new toy  ;)

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Its day 1 for god sake, chill

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Its still in beta and yet its still awesome

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Damonation said:
"Its day 1 for god sake, chill
You, sir, have the best user icon on Giant Bomb, well done. Kiriyama!