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So can we get the forums backs on the main page.... even if it means ditching the Twitter feeds? I mean getting 1/8th of a Twitter conversation about some movie one of the guys watched last night is great and all (ahem) but I liked it better when I could read crazy forum junk.

I actually find Twitter to be the worst social media, and not a lot of people who aren't slightly famous in some way use it much. That aside, I think most people would prefer the forums as you can get a Twitter feed a million different ways, but the forums are unique to the site.

It's not an either/or thing obviously, but if it was that would be my stance. So yeah, forums on the main page again would be great! Thanks for everything else though, love the new redesign. @snide

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There has already been other threads about that. They're aware people want them back.

According to this post however they're not working on that right now.