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So I recently got my first Xbox 360, and was wondering, should I get Forza 4 or Forza 3 Ultimate Edition. Thanks for helping!

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Get Forza 4. All the cars from Forza 3 UE come with Forza 4 already, with a bunch new ones and some new tracks. Forza 4 looks and plays better than Forza 3 as well. It's overall an improvement in just about every aspect. The DLC has been a lot better also. Only thing missing from Forza 4 is Porsche, but a DLC pack with 30 Porsche cars will be released May 22th.

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Gran Turismo

*Runs away*

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Forza 4 has nothing but improvements over 3. At this point, just get 4.

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Definitely Forza 4, they are very similar and 4 is just better than 3. So unless you REALLY want to play ALOT of Forza in a short period of time. I would say 4.

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Alright thanks for the responses, getting Forza 4.

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They are both great. If you saw Forza 3 hella cheap, you wouldn't be disappointed.