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I saw this online yesterday and figured i'd post it for people that haven't played Asylum. Apparently, you get a free GOTY copy of Arkham Asylum with the purchase of Arkham City. I wasn't able to find the promotion online, so it might be in person only.

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I shall be wanting another copy of asylum, so i might be buying from wally world.

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That's pretty awesome. But if you don't already own Arkham Asylum, you're doing it wrong.

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This is an amazing deal. Thanks for letting me know. I literally just called my friend and asked him to pre-order it for me.  
Edit: He just ordered it. Sweet.  

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That's a pretty damn good deal, but I already played through Arkham Asylum and really don't see myself touching it again. Also I get a discount by buying the game where I work.

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you get a $30 gift card if you get it from k-mart.

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I had already wasted my money on the collector's edition of Arkham Asylum so i'm good. Just thought people might have missed out. I'm getting City at Best Buy. I'm a sucker for Robin.

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That's nice, but I'll be waiting for the Arkham Asylum GOTY+City on PC for $7.50 on Steam 5 minutes after City's release.

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yo dawg, I herd you liek Arkham City...

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I might do that because of Layoff I had to sell all my games and Arkham Asylum was one of them . never got to finish it

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I already have Arkham Asylum.

I weep inside for the money I spent on it.

Then I weep on the outside because I am weeping on the inside about spending $30 on a great game.

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Shame that this is not in the UK as well. Wouldn't mind buying and playing Arkham Asylum again.

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Got a free copy of Arkham City with my video card, now its the waiting game for it to come out on pc.