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So I bought the bundle, but have most of the games already. So since I love this community so much, I'm giving away the ones I don't want to YOU!

I have the following keys available:

  • Dead Space - GONE to WingmanImd!
  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - GONE to minorinya!
  • Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - GONE to KrisVr!
  • Dead Space 3 - GONE to Canteu!
  • Medal of Honor (God, why did I buy this for real money?) - GONE to kombajno!
  • Battlefield 3 - GONE to ez123!

First ones to comment will get a PM with their choice of ONE key (tell me what you want in your comment). I'll refresh the thread as quickly as I can to update the available list.


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Honestly, I was about to get it too, until I saw Medal of Honor...

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@minorinya: I guess I didn't specify, what game do you want? :D

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BF3 please

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I have some Origin keys as well for the following games:

  • Dead Space
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Crysis 2
  • Medal of Honor
  • Mirror's Edge
  • Battlefield 3
  • Sims 3

PM me for keys! I'll mark them when they are taken.

Edit: Added Sims 3 and removed the used ones. Decided I was never actually going to play Sims 3.

Edit2: All Gone!

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I've got keys for Battlefield and Sims 3 to give away, too. PM me if you're looking to shoot dudes or make tiny virtual people get it on.

And they're gone!

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I've got keys for Dead Space, Burnout, Medal of Honor, and Mirror's Edge If anybody wants them. PM me if you want them.

Edit: And they're gone.

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Still have Dead Space & Medal of Honor - anyone want them?

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Does anyone know if activating the steam key deactivates the origin key?

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I have Crysis 2

Edit: Forgot to edit earlier but it's gone

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Steam and Origin are not connected together, so on 75% you can activate game on both(like PC and Android).

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@skytylz said:

Does anyone know if activating the steam key deactivates the origin key?

They're not connected so it doesn't

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Thanks to Skytylz to give BF3 even i`m a lurker (: cool dude <3

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Dead space origin code !!!! 5D99-PQNK-5CE5-V72Z-48LQ


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Damn, I want MoH! :( Dead Space too... Whorst timing ever...

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Thank you so much mate! <3

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@skullcrushermountain: Hey man Origin is being shitty so It won't let me redeem the code (not on the website either). Free it up and give it to someone else! (dead space 3)

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Keep trying mate... It worked for me...

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Just PM me what you want and I'll get you a key. First come first serve! Please one per person to share the wealth.


-Dead Space

- Mirrors Edge


- Burnout

- Medal of Honor

- Mirrors Edge

- Dead space

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I can has keys as well. Origin is down, though, so you'll have to wait a bit. Thanks EA for creating a platform you're not able to support.

I assume both keys for one game work and don't cancel the other out after activation.

Also, looks like GB's messaging system is boned again, so you might not get a response immediately; I'll try to keep up.

EDIT That's it - I'm out. Looks like there's plenty more out there.

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Random thought - how fucking cool is it that with every Humble Bundle, there's a new thread giving out free games? On the one hand, it feels somewhat useless or redundant (why are you picking and choosing free games when you can get all of them for like 5-10 bucks?) but on the other, if someone wants them, they can totally get them here.

Pat yourself on the back, GB community - you deserved it.

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ch3burashka rocks!

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Giving games away is cool and all that but bear in mind guys that EA doesn't earn a cent from this. There's no slider for EA, it all goes to charity.

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Thanks a lot, WaiteyBulger, for the Dead Space Code and for finally making me sign up to this site. Much appreciated. I've got this Steam-Code from the Alan Wake Humble Bundle lying around (it's for american nightmare), so to give something back:


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Medal of Honor Steam Key-FQPH4-R4GNV-0Y0C3

Mirror's Edge Steam Key-A20MJ-G4H2H-EQ5F

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Assuming what's been said about Origin and Steam keys not colliding with each other, I have Origin codes for Burnout Paradise, Dead Space 1 & 3, Medal of Honor and Mirror's Edge. PM me, I'll give a maximum of 2 codes to a person a piece.

All codes have been given!

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If anyone has a spare BF3 key then please PM. Thanks!

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Anyone have extra Burnout Paradise or Battlefield 3 can send me ? Thanks

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I've got some codes as well. Tell me what you want through PM.

- Crysis 2 (Steam)

- Crysis 2 (Origin)

- Dead Space (Origin)

- Burnout Paradise (Origin)

- Mirror's Edge (Origin)

EDIT: The codes are all gone!

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Pls give my Crysis 2 (steam) and Mirror's Edge :CCCCCCCC

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Giving away following keys. PM me if you want any one of those games.

Mirror's Edge (steam)
Battlefield 3 (origin)
Dead Space (steam)

EDIT: All codes have found their new homes.

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Please someone who can spare Bf3 please :)

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Please give me Battlefield 3 key.And thank you very much.

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Please someone who dont need Bf3 give key in pm :)

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@pr1mus: prepare for 10 PMs from people with no posts and broken english anyway!