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What do you think is the funniest game that you ever played?

I haven't played very many funny games, but so far Big Rigs is at the top.... oh yeah, and Portal.

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Big Rigs is funny in a speechless way

I don't really get a whole lot of laughs from a game in particular because a game that focuses to make you laugh shouldn't be in the game industry. But I'd say moments in any GTA would be in my top.

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Haha yeah, Big Rigs.

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The simpsons game was absolutely hilarious. Portal wasn't as funny for me as it was for most, I think I just expected to much. And yes I got the jokes. I just never laughed out loud like I did during the Simpsons game. 

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I laughed a lot while playing Psychonauts.

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Celebrity Death Match, any game where you get to decapitate Dennis Rodman is pretty funny to me

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Either Portal or Psychonauts.

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Funniest game I've ever played has to be Grim Fandango... it won Gamespot's Game of the Year way back when too.

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grand theft auto sires all the radio staytionsand signs around town and name of builds makes my lmao some times.

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GTA had its moments, Portal was funny too-"Your business is appreciated..."-That was one of the funniest.
,and Ratchet & Clank series.

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GTA IV had some great lines. Gears of War as well, in terms of actual trying to be funny as the point of the game....Bad Company

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Jansen from Lost Odyssey is pretty hilarious. He made me "HAH" a few times.
That and any game with a good character creator is worth a good laugh.
Most recently, making a naked dude do yoshimitsu's victory dance in SC4 is also totally hilarious.
And that "Huh, the Captains log" line from Duke Nukem is also pretty great.

There's too many funny things to name really.

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Portal was for me, in a clever and witty way.

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Definitely Grim Fandango for me, but Portal was pretty good too - special mention goes to Full Throttle too.

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I hear that Portal is a really funny game, I will have to check that out. I like puzzle solving too so it may be right up my alley.

The funniest game that
I've ever played is GTA IV. It isn't so much the dialogue of the story itself, but if you go on the game's internet at TW@ (hilarious by the way) and read the advertisements and dating adds it is great for some loud and disruptive laughter. I love that game.
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Grand Theft Auto IV, or any other GTA for that matter.

"WKTT, because I love my country, and if you don't, fuck you and your fat wife." LOL
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Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga...the gestures they do are hillarious...specially when the Bros try to speak italian..LOL

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Conkers Bad Fur Day.

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Bad Company is funny.

Genuinely funny.

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I have to give Dead Head Fred a mention.

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Superman 64 with friends.
You just laugh and laugh and laugh.

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Big Rigs

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Portal's definately one of the funniest games ever but some of the stuff in GTA IV really made me laugh out loud, the radio stations were brilliantly done.

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Psychonauts, for sure.

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The Mario and Luigi games are pretty funny.  I also like the humorous moments in Final Fantasy 6.  The best has to be GTA: Vice City.

And Yeah...the Monkey Island games.

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Portal, the GTA radio stations, the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series are both funny, Simpsons Hit & Run.

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HazBazz said:
"Portal, the GTA radio stations, the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series are both funny, Simpsons Hit & Run.
Yeah that talk show in Vice City was hilarious.
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Psychonauts. Girl Scouts, GMen, Milk...Nuff said.

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Portal.  I'm a huge fan of the dark humor thing.  Then Psychonauts, which is just hilarious.  :P

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Portal is amazingly funny. I also found Dead Rising pretty jokes. Watching the zombies stumble around with traffic cones on their heads is worth a few laughs.

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Three I can think of.  All hilarious.

front cover
Boxart for the standalone PC retail version of Portal.
front cover
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  I can't believe that no one's mentioned Whiplash, for the PS2.

  Y'know, about the weasel chained to the rabbit that break out of an animal testing facility.

  And you can fly, by swinging the rabbit really, really fast on the chain. That game was so ridiculous, it was hilrious =D
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Monkey Island 3 followed by Space Quest IV. Monkey Island was cute, funny, and self referential, while Space Quest was snide and sarcastic. I couldn't finish it due to a timer glitch, though.... :(

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Konker: Bad Fur day.

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I'm replaying Psychonauts right now. And yep, funniest game I've ever played.

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Stubbs the Zombie.