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Alright, my PS3 broke a while back and I took it back into Future Shop so they could send it into Sony...because I don't know the people in Canada to talk too, to get it fixed. It's a week later and they send it back to me, all nice and packed up. I go plug it in, pop in recently bought Motorstorm 2 and guess what...they didn't do shiiiit.

Maybe this is the company that runs Canadian PS3 Repairs (( Which isn't Sony )) who decided not to fix my PS3 which is under a $100 EXTENDED WARRANTY...or maybe Future Shop employees are all a bunch of dicks.

"We take turns pissing on your consoles"

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Canadians can shop in the future?

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joey said:
"Canadians can shop in the future?"
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joey said:
"Canadians can shop in the future?"
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Okay...I know it's not even that funny. But the caption on that pic had me giggling for 5 minutes ^_^