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Gamespot, like the majority of the people who posted in this thread.

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Coming from Neogaf, and am still over there ;)

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I came from GS, I still go there but I seem to be spending more time here recently.

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Pretty much everywhere.

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The place has really gown downhill lately with rampant talks of piracy and constant trolling on almost every board. The Moderators are horrible, and most of the time make personal attacks towards other users.

GiantBomb Fo' Life.

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I had an account on GameSpot, but never used it. Last site I was active on was Nsider.

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Got the 411 on GB over at TeamXbox. So far, I'm amazed at this site. Great work, lots of cool community features, I think I am here to stay. But I'll always post at my old haunts as well.

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I came from the crapspot, and i am now in bliss, the the ryan/jeff kickass website named GiantBomb.

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From GS.

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I used to go on GS but they're so damn strict. I go to IGN rarely and GameTrailers every now and then. Kotaku is where I get all my game news though, until GB has a news section of course.