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Poll: Game Buying Decision Advice (8 votes)

To The Moon 38%
Psychonauts 50%
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit + Condemned Criminal Origins 13%
Other (suggest me a game on GMG under $11.25) 0%

Okay, so I just pre-purchased Bioshock Infinite on Green Man Gaming to take advantage of the awesome deal they were running. For anyone that doesn't know, the deal was Infinite, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, original Bioshock, and your choice of one of five 2K games (I chose Spec Ops), plus $15 credit.

The $15 credit is where this poll comes in. I already bought Alpha Protocol for $3.75 (the ravings about it in the current Syndicate thread reminded I've always wanted to give that game a shot), and I am left with $11.25 credit remaining. The three choices in the poll are the games I've narrowed it down to after some browsing of the site, but I am having trouble deciding which to go with.

I'd love to know which of these games you duders would go with given these choices, or if any of you have any other suggestions for games on GMG under $11.25, let me hear them.


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Can't edit top post for reason, but I wanted to mention that I have played Condemned before and really liked it. I had it on 360 years ago but I let someone borrow it and the asshole never gave it back.

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Psychonauts gets my vote. Played it recently and it still holds up really well.