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Hey guys, so I'm making a game for android tablets so show off at this convention in Toronto in like 10 days. Originally it was supposed to be kind of a plants versus zombies but you could move and attack with the guys instead of it being stationary. Anyways long story short were starting to not like this idea and were trying to think of what else we can do with the 2D engine we built I was thinking something like the old ninja turtles arcade games but its guys with guns, I just need some kind of inspiration to get an idea together. Anyone have any good games like this I can look up, any generation is good I just want to see nice implementations of this style.

tl;dr: Games like ninja turtles for arcade

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On the andriod?  that will not work well.  I like your original idea of a resource based Tower Defense game where the towers can move.  It will be hell to balance but you could do it.  If you really want a good beatemup I suggest Dungeon Fighter, its an mmo that plays better than any beatemup I've ever played

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Is it the Great Canadian Appathon? Anyways, what I always do when I have art-assets and no ideas, is to make a double-joystick shooter. Very simple to make, and any kind of sprite can pass as an enemy.

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Shark Shooter 3D. A first person shooter where you can never stop moving.

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More interactive tower defense is popular right now, what with Orcs Must Die and Dungeon Defenders recently having come out. Might have room for a 2d version of that.

I would be running with whatever idea I had at this point. 10 days isn't much to be presentation-ready, duder.

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What if it was Contra but also Double Dragon at once.

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I'm making a sort of Ninja Turtles like arcade game right now in a 2D engine. . .

I have to warn you, it's a huge leap from a TD type game to an action brawler -_-;; I suggest you go back, figure out what's making your game not fun, and fix it =P

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Take Iji, or Metroid if you will, and dumb down the action and platforming for touch-screen. If you can make the mechanics work well, then the metroidvania aspects will shine like a glowing beacon across the countryside. But seriously. Just imagine how hot your game would be if you had the only good metroidvania on the android market? I think we all know the answer to that question.

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Change all the plants into Hampsters. Looks like its working out well for this guy.