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id Software, love all their games.

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Valve, even if I didn't enjoy either of the Portal games.

Ubi Montreal when it comes to new stuff ( not the rehashed AC )

Santa Monica studios for God of War

Epic Games for Unreal and Gears

Rockstar finally convinced me with Red Dead and Max Payne 3

Intelligent Systems for my favorite Nintendo RPG's

CDProjeckt RED for everything they touch with the Witcher and Cyberpunk franchises.

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@hh said:

@capum15 said:

I would have included Westwood and Pandemic but they're gone. I don't think I ever have disliked a game from them that I bought.

Yeah Pandemic had my back for a good few years.

I just wish they had managed to stay up until after Mercenaries Inc came out...I know Mercs 2 was buggy as hell, but it's still my favorite game. The Battlefront games were great as well, and I really enjoyed The Saboteur.

I also just found out that Mercenaries 3: No Limits was a thing when Pandemic shuttered, and now it's cancelled. That...killed a little of my soul just now. I really hope EA, or...just...fucking someone, picks that back up and makes it a thing.

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Double Fine for sure, and Netherrealm's also been winning me over since MK9.

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  • Sucker Punch because I love both Sly and inFAMOUS.
  • Naugthy Dog because I love Uncharted, their characters and stories. I would buy The Last of Us in a heartbeat.
  • Valve for Portal. Only Portal.
  • Sanzaru Games because Sly Cooper Thieves in Time is a fantastic game.
  • Rocksteady because BATMAN!
  • Rockstar.
  • Irrational Games.
  • Sony Santa Monica.
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Off the top of my head, CDProjekt Red, Blizzard, and Atlus.

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Trust? Valve, probably. Seems to have the biggest investment in treating the consumer with some degree of respect.

Trust to make a game I'll like? At this point probably Rockstar

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Level 5. They only have the ability to make good games, so I trust them in this regard.

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CD Projekt haven't made many games, but they seem to really "get it". And by it, I mean everything. They just seem to be doing everything right, when so many other companies are fumbling.

No DRM. No costly DLC. Free, large scale updates. Consequences and choices that matter. True RPG mechanics instead of dumbing everything down into action schlock..

They're basically what Bioware was 10 years ago.

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Naughty Dog, Rockstar, and Bungie are who immediately come to mind. I haven't always enjoy their games as much as I thought I would, but I've never been truly disappointed because they make quality games.

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  • Neatherrealm and Lab Zero know what makes fighting games fun and good, and I really like the direction both studios are taking right now.
  • Double Fine made a game entirely around dumb buggy shit in the Kinect, and any company that can get away with that must be wonderful. Also they're all around swell guys and gals.
  • Intelligent Systems is my favorite first party developer for Nintendo.
  • Atlus is pretty cool and their localization teams are top notch.
  • From Software always makes weird games that turn out to become some of my favorites.
  • Level 5. Don't really need to say more.

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Probably Valve? It's a difficult question, since even developers I really enjoy can put out products I don't really care for.

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For me, Bethesda. So far, you pretty much know what you're getting from them and they don't disappoint. Maybe they're not for everyone, but I like their pacing, world-building, and most of all, friendliness to the modding community. I don't think they're going to stick a shiv in their fans just to please the stockholders. Even their guffaws aren't that egregious. Now, I will admit that day-1 releases are usually riddled with bugs and most characters in their games look like they were beaten with a broom, but that's part of their identity. PC players can find community created content to repair any of Bethesda's short-comings. That relationship with their audience is one of the reasons I do trust them today.

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@toxin066 said:

Platinum Games. The new crowned kings of the stylish action genre.

They've always owned the genre

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RockStar or Naughty Dog for me.

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Nintendo, thatgamecompany, Amanita Design, from the top of my head.

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CDProjektRed, thatgamecompany, Valve.

I haven't had quite enjoyed Valve's last few releases as much as their older stuff (everything up to and including the HL2 Episodes and Portal) but I still have plenty of faith in them and mountains of respect for them as a collective of artists and businesspeople. After Journey I can't wait to see where thatgamecompany go next and CDProjektRed are a shining beacon of integrity in an industry that is beginning to lack it.

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Jonathan Blow.

I have the greatest confidence that he will deliver a game that I want to play, that will respect my time and not treat me like a child.

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Been a bad year for me and my favorite devs.

Would've been Criterion easily but I hated Most Wanted. Until Most Wanted I would've said they were bulletproof.

Would've been BioWare ... I guess I still trust they'll make games I enjoy, or at least have the BioWare elements I like (great characters, good dialogue options, extremely detailed settings). But I don't think they'll make a game I like as much as Mass Effect 2 again. Maybe that's okay?

Sort of the same thing with Platinum and Persona Team over at Atlus. They make games with elements I really adore but I'm not necessarily all in on every element of their games. Same with Naughty Dog... So far I've only liked two of their games. Recognize their talent though.

Firaxis, maybe? They've yet to OH WAIT

Obsidian! I trust Obsidian to do what Obsidian always does; put out an incredibly written and completely broken game. My vote here is for Obsidian.

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Epic Games

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Anita Sarkeesian.

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Valve. Would've included Blizzard as well before D3.

Ditto. I could also add Relic.

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Valve, Platinum, Relic and Blizzard. They generally do me no wrong. Even if I might not be interested in every game.

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Every developer I would have put on this list has tripped up at least once this generation (ex. Naughty Dog, BioWare, Visceral, etc.), but that said, I still look forward to virtually any product they plan to release.

God, I hope The Last of Us makes up for the underwhelming Uncharted 3...

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Naughty Dog, Bungie, and Rockstar.

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Probably Platinum.

Sure, Anarchy Reigns was kinda not good, but it was clearly a b-tier project from the get-go. After Bayonetta and Vanquish that are a source of optimism for me.

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Double Fine, I actually liked Brutal Legend. I didn't love it but I still enjoyed it.

I'd also trust Level 5, love me some Layton and I heard Ni no kuni was awesome but I don't have a ps3 to play it on yet :<

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Naughty Dog and CDProjektRED.

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CDProjektRed, Valve, and Square-Enix.

I know the last one is very irrational. But I feel like they mean well even when they put out the occasional bad game. E.g. they at least aim at being fun to play and not falling into to much of a DLC rabbit hole.

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None, all game devs make games for other people, in virtually all cases I'm just someone tagging along.

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EA Sports, I play a lot of sports games