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Can someone point me in a good direction here? I'm working on a project that requires some up-to-date industry statistics, specifically social gaming (Facebook) numbers, I'm trying to find some current numbers that reflect how many daily/monthly users are playing facebook games. Steam users would be great as well along with iOS and number of consoles (worldwide) sold to date. I've found a lot of this info searching on my own but it was all outdated, if any of you could lead me to a site that has current stats that would be amazing. 
Thanks duders.

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@Gunslinger0130: There's a stat on the store page for Steam that shows Steam member activity for the last 48 hours. Valve doesn't generally release numbers as they're a private company and don't have to disclose this information to public shareholders as they would if they were a publicly traded company. For other digital distribution services, You might have better luck with Origin as EA might have released figures in their quarterly statements to shareholders. GameStop's quarterly statements might provide some insight into Impulse and Kongergate activity.

In regards, to Facebook numbers, NPD isn't going to be much help because they don't track much related to digital gaming and you have to pay a lot of money to see their specific findings. You could also try Forbes or the Wall Street Journal. I remember seeing a lot of articles related to Zynga and Facebook gaming on both. You're probably going to need a subscription to access any Wall Street Journal articles.

I don't know about facebook/social games, bu its generally pretty hard to get info on digital distribution services, at least that was my experience when I did a project on it a year and a half ago. Good Luck.

I hope you don't mind me prying, but what's your project about?