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I was playing Halo 4 on an old SD TV yesterday and noticed that despite the lack of being able to see that I actually seemed to be doing better because of the lack of input lag.

I Have a Sony kdl46v4100 I got it a few years ago, I have always thought that Game mode brought it from 8ms response time to 6ms. Does anyone know if this is true?

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On that model you're looking at 30ms+ input lag with or without game mode. AKA unplayable.

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Input lag makes a huge difference. I didn't realize just how much until I started playing Super Mario RPG for SNES on my older Samsung LCD TV. Since attacks are timing based you have to time button hits to animations. For the first few hours I was landing none of the hits to get bonus damage. Eventually I figured out I had to hit things just slightly off the time of the animation for it to land correctly. To see just how huge of a difference it is, try playing Rock Band or similar games without adjusting the calibration. It is basically unplayable most of the time.

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game mode on some TV's usually just turns off frame interpolation and other processing effects that makes the picture look nice or smooth and gives you raw input.  So if you got like some nice 120hz monitor it will actually turn off the extra gimmicks like Trumotion and turn it into a normal 60hz display because keeping it on causes extreme input lag due to the extra processes the TV is doing.    This has been my experience with this option on some of the TV's i've used.

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Ive started turning on the frame creation mode in games lateley, you know the one that makes movies look like day time soap operas, but it works real well for games, made Most Wanted on 360 look like it was running at 60fps even though it was all fake.

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@Vade: It's listed as 8ms, and clearly if I have been using it for two years for 90% gaming it is hardly "Unplayable".

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@big_jon: What you have is response time, input lag is (almost) never listed. You have to do some police work to get your hands on that information but luckily I'm somewhat familiar with that particular model to begin with.

Also for the matter of 'unplayable', that's just a personal preference. I wouldn't touch anything with a total delay of more than 1 frame (~16-17ms on 60 fps games).