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Should/Is Giant Bomb going to have to options to add mod lists, downloads and reviews to games?

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Not sure if they're going to add those features, but it's probably a consideration for them right now.

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Well you can already add reviews to games.

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It's something we're struggling with. Basically, should mods be games? Or releases of games?

The hardest problem we had dealing with the site was how to deal with Street Fighter 2 and Madden.
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Perhaps they shouldn't be games, but a new object type 'Modifications', which have a single relationship to a game/engine, or if you could tag a game as a Modification and it automatically gets a new field added which allows this relationship to be added?
But differentiating is hard. Is Garry's Mod a mod or a game?

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Hopefully they will.

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I like The Beasts idea it would be an easy way for people to find mods specifically for their games, this way people wouldn't have to know the name of a mod before hand.
And with Garry's Mod, a mods a mod until it is sold.

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Would be pretty cool.

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Little_Pauly said:
And with Garry's Mod, a mods a mod untill it is sold."
That sounds like a good place to draw the line - as soon as a 'mod' goes retail, it becomes a game.