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Love it? Hate it? Discuss.

All I know is I have as much game music on my iPod as I do other music. And that this is the most awesome video on youtube (in my personal opinion)

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Video games have some great music, I love Donkey Kong Countries music.

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I enjoy all types of music, including game music. Bionic Commando Rearmed and Final Fantasy VIII come to mind for great videogame soundtracks.

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I loved Donkey Kong Countries music too. Super Metroid was another gem soundtrack wise.

But imo, lately anyway, Shoji Meguro's stuff is where it's at (Shin Megami Tensei games) he's responsible some of my favorite music ever.

Edit: Here we go. It's not a rock heavy piece, but imo it's a beautifull piece of music. The staff roll from SMTIII: Nocturne

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I have a healthy amount of videogame music on my Zen, the vast majority of which are Final Fantasy related.

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Street Fighter also has soem very good tracks, thanks to the remix community. And some of the korean and japanese bands that cover them with guitars are just amazing. Blood on the Asphalt is a good example, i'm not a Ken fan but I can rock out to this all night :P

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Nintendo games have been known for their fantastic and catchy music compositions. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Earthbound, and Pokemon are classic examples of memorable themes, even if they aren't as popular (referring to Earthbound).

I leave you with this:


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I have about 2500 game songs in my iTunes library. I love it.

Among my favorites are Command & Conquer, EarthBound, Mother 3, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD (Japanese version, US vocalized songs are crap), Super Metroid, Mega Man (all of them), Jet Set Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, Half-Life 2, Super Mario RPG, Donkey Kong Country (all three), Chrono Cross, Super Mario Galaxy, Castlevania (most of them), Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, and Streets of Rage.

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SSBB has the best soundtrack ever put into a game in my opinion. All the great Nintendo songs jam packed into one awesome game.

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That SMT:III one was pretty cool. Also the Sarges heroes music is awesome. Mario cart had pretty good music (I like the credits song)

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If you like bands that play game music, you need look no further. The Advantage:


And the Minibosses:

Pretty much cover it all.
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I absolutely love the NES/SNES era Megaman music, Castlevania is another of my favourite series music wise.

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Pretty much anything Nintendo has a great soundtrack, my current favorites being Wind Waker and Metroid Prime.

Halo CE, Half Life 2 and Assassin's Creed's soundtracks were great too:




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There's so much good game music.

I feel like most games are less packed with awesome music these days though.  I feel lucky if a game has 2 or 3 songs I really love anymore.  Most of it is just atmospheric or theatrical, and it's not really the kind of stuff I'd want to listen to when not playing the game.

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Diamond said:
There's so much good game music.I feel like most games are less packed with awesome music these days though.  I ... [more]

I agree, games need better music now, tho Morrowind and Oblivion have great music and they're pretty new.
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Tracks like the SMTIII one above, HL2's soundtrack, Chaos Theory's OST,  etc would lose half there charm with lyrics I feel. But I can respect people not wanting to hear them outside of playing the game.

I've gotten hold of Resident Evil 2's soundtrack as well, forgot how much I loved this tune


And this one I can (and have had) happily have on repeat while im out and about, makes me feel happier.

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@Psyx2: Oh I hated Half-Life2's soundtrack. Well at least most of it. It just felt like a mish-mash of  bad techno that made me say in a gunfight,  "what the hell am I listening to!? Is this how the Combine are trying to win the fight? Because if it is, it's working."

Game soundtracks I do enjoy are from
Metal Gear Solid Series
Shadow of the Colossus
BionicCommando: Rearmed
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This thread was fun, lets get some more opinions flying :)

Not quite game music technicly, but I feel it's worth mentioning as it must have taken the guy a long time to put out. I'm not such a fan of the music but the video itself I think is superb.


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VGM actually makes up for the majority of music I listen to (the rest is black/melodic death metal, pretty much) and I just so happen to be listening to the Spyro the Dragon soundtrack as I type this. Normally I only listen to Japanese VGM though, since the Western VGM of late isn't VGM at all and more akin to film scores. I'm sure those are great soundtracks as well -- it's just not my type of music. When it comes to VGM I prefer oldschool chiptune (GameBoy and FM Synthesis music are my favs), rock/metal influenced VGM, RPG music, and adrenaline-pumping boss battle themes.

Here's one of my favorite boss battle themes that unfortunately was wasted on a horribly shitty game (I actually bought the game just for the amazing music hoping it would cancel out the overall shittyness of the game, but it was just too bad to force myself through just for the music).


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I LOVE the Mass Effect theme. It's amazing. I even have it on my iPod:


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Ahh yes, video game music. What a love hate relationship. 

There are those priceless songs that have to go on your iPod; Pokemon soundtracks, N64 soundtracks, Team Fortress, Half Life.
Then are those that torment your brain with memories of annoyance, challenge and repetition. 

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If you have played the games you will know why this music is good...

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MechWarrior 2 and Half-Life come to mind as games with amazing soundtracks.

Hell March from C&C Red Alert of course.

And Quake 2 had some nice Trent Reznor.

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Although I love music from a lot of different games spanning many generations, I'm a big fan of C64 SID tunes. My Commodore 64 was the first machine I owned, and my love affair with game music pretty much started there. The great thing is I can still hear the warbling effects of the SID chip being used in music today, with peeps like Luke Slater and NAPT incorporating the sound.

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Katamari Damacy has the best music.  It introduced me to Shibuya-kei music in general, which has become one of my favorite genres.

The Killer7 soundtrack is perfect as well.  It's very moody and love when songs appear on my iPod on shuffle.
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Game music is awesome, but sometimes, it can be terrible.

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PeasForFees said:
If you have played the games you will know why this music is good...      [more]
KH2 is my favorite game of all time but "Sanctuary" is pretty horrible IMO.

The Japanese version "Passion" is a lot better:


Oh man, just listening to this song makes me wanna play the game again.

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Due to the fact that I have not got the japanese version of the game I did not hear that song when I played, however it is very good, and I'm sure it would be better if I had the benifit of understanding Japanese, even when a bit of it is in english.
Kingdom Hearts 2 is also one of my favorite games one of the reasons being its musical score in general, infact I was talking to a spanish guy, with pretty good english, about music in games and we both brought up the Kingdom Hearts games music and that feeling that you get when you hear it, In my opinion I don't see peoples problems with the song, but your choice is your choice.
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I recently bought both Fallout 1 and 2 (for the third time) from GOG solely to have OSTs of those games. Mark Morgan is an amazing composer! I lost count of how many times I listened to this track alone:


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PeasForFees said:
@Axersia: Due to the fact that I have not got the japanese version of the game I did not hear ... [more]
The musical score is also one of the main reasons why I love the game so much, and I've listened to the soundtrack a lot more than I've actually played the game. I even bought the 9 disc Kingdom Hearts Complete Box (damn, that thing was expensive) solely for collective purposes because... well... I already had a lossless version downloaded. So that one remains sealed until perhaps one day I get the chance to have Yoko Shimomura sign it.

BTW, have you listened to Yoko Shimomura's orchestral arrange album called "Drammatica"? It only contains a 4 KH tracks, but I think you'll like her other work as well if you're a fan of KH's soundtrack. My favorite track on the album is "The 13th Anthology" -- a medley of all the battle themes:


#32 Posted by PeasForFees (2415 posts) -
You now have made me buy the soundtrack, which i should have done ages ago
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I love game music.  I've purchased several over the years and sought out other for listening.  A few game related songs I'd actually place on my "all-time favorites" list.  In addition to Skygunner's "Wishing for an Eternal Sky" and Kingdom Hearts' "Simple and Clean", I've loved the soundtracks to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Jet Set Radio Future.


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Aye, Video Game music is where it's at. My girlfriend actually hates video games and when I told her I loved video game music she made a weird face as if to say "That's just stupid. You really are an uber geek". Later on that day I put on some of my favourite, from Chrono Cross without telling her what it was. She said "This is really lovely music, what is it?"


Which was fun.

Chrono Cross, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star Online, Okami, Ico, F-Zero, SIlent Hill, Mass Effect...and the list goes on.

OC Remix is where you wanna be, also.

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Haha, thats an interesting story. It highlights the difference between game music and other commisioned musical scores. IE, there is no difference, good music is good music.

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i would have to agree. Mass Effects music is stunning. Remember when u first placed the game in your console and the main menu started up with the deep soulful music. i was like, shit this is gonna be good
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The_A_Drain said:
Haha, thats an interesting story. It highlights the difference between game music and other commisioned musical scores. IE, there is ... [more]
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People, help me with this one.
I am damn sure it's easy to put up a YouTube clip here... but please tell me how.

A NitWit.

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@GunnBjorn: Click the HTML button and paste in the code from youtube (the longer code underneath the direct link)
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Braid has great music...not original music, but amazing music nonetheless.

#42 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

I'm hoping Brutal Legend is going to have some awesome music, it's supposed to have brand new Dio, and honestly Dio is one of my favorite artists.

#43 Posted by Grilledcheez (4006 posts) -
The_A_Drain said:
I'm hoping Brutal Legend is going to have some awesome music, it's supposed to have brand new Dio, and honestly ... [more]
I think it basically HAS TO have amazing music...and I have no doubts that it will. :)  Dio would be a great fit in that game.
#44 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -
@GrilledCheez01: If I remember rightly the trailer has Dio's Mob Rule as it's soundtrack. So I think you're right, it's going to be awesome :) I mean it's got LEMMY doing voice acting for gods sakes! LEMMY!! :D
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to me music in games are important, they cant break a game or make it, i was surprised when i was playing fallout 3 and turned off my radio to find that the game has some amazing scores

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The_A_Drain said:
This thread was fun, lets get some more opinions flying :)Not quite game music technicly, but I feel it's worth ... [more]
Dude.... that brought back some really warm memories since Half Life 2 is the most heartwarming game i've ever played with all its dangers and quests and im sure anyone who's been in Freeman's shoes and walked his path feels the same... wow man, thank you, best music video ive ever seen!
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Um, guys, when you say soundtracks of games you mean, what, like they take the music from the game's main menu and the music when the credits roll up, and turn them into long compositions and sell them as albums?

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AhmadMetallic said:
Um, guys, when you say soundtracks of games you mean, what, like they take the music from the game's main ... [more]
They take all the individual music tracks from the game and sell it as an album yes.

People have been doing it with movies, tv series and opera for years. Nothing new with games.
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So many games have great music. I've bought soundtracks in the past, but rarely ever listen to them. For me the music is often too associated with specific emotions and other stuff experienced in the game; I don't like separating one from the other.