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Sorry if I missed anything.

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Wow, that's one hell of a poll! Haha. I cast my vote on Dragon Age. Most bang for your buck. But it's tough to make a decision this year, so many great titles
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Anyone who doesn't vote Uncharted 2 hasn't played it.

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You didn't miss anything...you ADDED '08 games. 
Anyway, Left 4 Dead 2!!!!
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Uncharted 2 gets my vote.

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GOTY for Uncharted 2,  improves significantly from the first game and it's a excellent game, with awesome and lengthy campaign and a compelling multiplayer, terrific writing , voice acting and graphics.
it  really is the best single player experience of the year (at least)
Batman:AA is my second choice

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@Mardil said:
" Anyone who doesn't vote Uncharted 2 hasn't played it. "
You are sooooo right!!
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I think that most people on Giant Bomb will vote Uncharted 2 because most of them own a  PS3 (just saying). I voted for Batman.

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I was thinking shadow complex was the game i most enjoyed, but dragon age a close second

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While it won't win, in my head its Demon's Souls. Uncharted 2 will most likely take it. Demon's Souls taking RPG of the Year would be sickness but it will go to Dragon Age which is fantastic as well. Also Demon's Souls with like surprised hit of the year or anything like that.
@ADTR_ZERO said:

" @The_Philosopher: You didn't miss anything...you ADDED '08 games.  Anyway, Left 4 Dead 2!!!! "

What 08 games are on that list?
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I like this list, I voted for Killzone 2, I couldn't get enough of that game when it came out. 
****Holy shit is your avatar Ernest scared stupid? I love that movie****

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I have yet to play uncharted 2 so batman get my vote.
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@RobotHamster said:

" @Mardil said:

" Anyone who doesn't vote Uncharted 2 hasn't played it. "
You are sooooo right!! "
I played and beat it and i voted for Forza 3 so you're wrong.
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I vote Bat Man

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General Discussion is not the game of the year.

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wow ppl voted for prototype ?... interesting.

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Oh man, what a list.  I went with U2, it blew everything away this year. Every part of that game is grade A stuff.  I can't think of anything else that came close to such quality. Still, I wish Infamous  would get more love, it's an amazing game that more people need to play.  Dragon Age is another that I Could have voted for if U2 weren't on the list. I am hooked on that game. 
Also, lol at the votes for Prototype.  That game was nonsense. 

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Fuck yea, I love all the Ernest movies, except maybe the Christmas one.
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the hell is with the title, it has some URL in it something makes everything all weird

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Dragon Age got my vote.

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Yea, I thought it was just like that for me, I have now idea why it's like that.
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I was so torn between UC2 and Batman but in the end I had to give the nod to Bats.
It came down to a game that refined something to near perfection vs a game that redefines genres and is wholly satisfying.

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poll got pwned, but i'll have to go with RE5, SFIV or MW2 (or maybe something else not on that list). 
i voted SF IV because i'm addicted to that game like a drug right now 

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I voted Uncharted although I love me some Borderlands...ah, so many good choices.  How is it possible this is the worst generation?  As long as games continue to be fun, I can't see a point in complaining.

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Dragon Age for sure no question. It gives me a surprising amount of joy seeing modern warfare 2 lag behind here ;). 
Getting a PS3 this weekend hopefully, uncharted 2 can prove itself to me then.

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This is as I see it based on user and media review scores.   
GOTY PS3 - Uncharted 2
Runner up - Modern Warfare 2 

GOTY 360 -  Modern Warfare 2
Runner up - Street Fighter IV

GOTY Wii - New Super Mario Bros
Runner up - Punch-Out!!
GOTY PC - Dragon Age: Origins
Runner up - Batman: Arkham Asylum
GOTY  Multiplatform - Batman: Arkham Asylum
Runner up - Modern Warfare 2

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Wow Batman is really catching up to Uncharted 2. I would say my 3 favorite games this year are: Batman, Uncharted 2 and Dragon Age.