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Ok, so I finished ASOS: Part 1 about 5 minutes ago, and am about to start on Part 2. So, after seeing the rather lackluster reviews of 'A Feast For Crows'. I wondered weather I should read the chapters simultaneously from 'A Dance with Dragons' as well as 'A Feast For Crows' the books like this. Or read them normally, all advice appreciated. But please try and avoid "Ugh. The books are bollocks" bullshit.

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I'd read them as they were intended to be read.

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In order...

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just read them in book order. I don't understand the hate for a feast for crows, or dance with dragons for that matter. I chewed through those just as fast as the previous books.

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I would read them in order. I very much enjoy the way books complement each other.

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Read them in book order. Also book 4 is still really good, same with book 5, they just return to a similar pace of the first one after the constant action of books 2 and 3.

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Just read the books in order...I didn't love of FoC or DWD as much as the first 3 novels but they are still good and worth your time.