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Hey all

I am slightly indecisive (some of you from another web site may know this already haha) and am looking to change this in terms of buying games etc. I think my main stumble block is that I allways spend ages thinking I will get game X or Y and when I go to get them, I dont, and its starting to get a tad on my nerves. So I have got an idea and would like your thoughts.

Should I either:

A) Go and get new games that are recent releases and stop spending money on older games that I rarely play and are bought on impulse. I am thinking of Soul Calibur IV and a new Madden game amongst other games that I would like a try of for the Xbox 360.


B) Get older games, I can get them cheaper on deals like 4 for £20, 2 for £20, etc second hand and new deals for games I have missed like Assassins Creed, Dead or Alive 4, Madden 06, Just Cause etc etc. I may not enjoy them loads but they wont be as a big risk as a £40 for one game type affair.

What do you think? I work part time at the moment and dont really spend money on other things like drinking, clubbing etc and although I have stoped this, I can trade games in maybe that I dont play rather than do what I do now where I have games sat on the shelf for months without being played.

Anyway, I would like your thoughts on this and try and push myself to being decisive lol.

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It depends if the older games that you don't already have are of a decent quality.

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Newer games

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Newer games if you think you would enjoy them more.

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I think I may just see what there is and get the games I think would be best at the time, I mean Just Cause, The Darkness and others were in the 4 for £20 deal I saw which is good, but then again I really was hyped for SC4 and was sure I was going to get it.