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Hi guys, I rarely post but I love coming to this site to read discussions and other things.

Halloween is coming up and I'm planning to get a few scary games so I can enjoy them during the Halloween season. I've finished the Dead Space Series and I Know Amnesia and Slender is scary but I'd like to get any more ideas from the community on other scary games you guys can recommend this coming Halloween.

My current systems are PC, PS3 and 3DS so any recommendations for those systems will do.

I'm probably going to get FEAR 2, (FEAR was scary as hell) but any ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Try Out Condemned 1 and 2. You can get the first off of steam and and sequel which should be pretty cheap by now. Condemned was also made by the same people who made FEAR and I personally feel when you compare to 2 series I think Condemned is by far the superior game for scares. They are great horror games that came out this generation though sadly some of the best horror games came out for the last generations of consoles.

Lone Survivor (this guy made some music for Hotline Miami) is a pretty good 2D sidescroller horror game for the pc. May also want to check out The Walking Dead.

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Oh yes Condemned is so underrated! I will be playing Resident evil 2 from start to finish this haloween. That game can still freak me out weather it be the Jump Scares , the amazing/freaky music score or tank controls!

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Yeah condemned is a scary game.

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