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Last summer, my girlfriend and I came across a pretty familiar Fox in downtown Chicago that reminded us of the Persona 4 Endurance Run.

This summer, during our cross-country road trip (on the drive between the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon), I saw this road sign and had to pull over for a quick picture.

Even decided to stop to refuel and replenish...

I'm pretty sure Black Mesa was in New Mexico in the games, but seeing an Arizona town with that name (considering the similar locale) was still pretty cool.

That got me to wondering if any of you have come across some reminders of gaming in the real world?

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mind blown

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Its not videogame related, but on my drive to Missouri from California last week I passed by "Deeth Starr Valley"

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I've totally been to that gas station.

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Sucker Punch Studios the Bellevue, WA based developer really went out of there way on this one.