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Hello, members of the Giantbomb community! We are SideQuest and we wanted to introduce ourselves. We make Youtube videos where we review games, talk about game-related issues, parody games, etc. We're just starting out but we wanted to spread the word that we exist.

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Yeah... Youtube spam isn't allowed here, so this is probably going to get locked pretty soon.

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Sorry, we weren't aware! Our bad. We've been trying to delete the thread but we can't figure it out. Suppose the mods will take care of that when the time comes.


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Wow cool man, but maybe wait until you have more than four videos until you try to spread your channel.

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I would step your game up a bit if I were you, I watched all your videos out of curiosity and didn't like any of them or anything about them really.

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@SideQuest: If you need a thread closed please contact the mod team. As others said threads such as this one are treated as spam and violate our rules, however, you can share your YouTube channel in our dedicated thread for it. Thanks for your understanding.