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So a new show on START about employees in a game shop started. The first episode was okay. They didn't hit on too many obvious jokes but I wasn't laughing all that much. I'll probably watch a couple more to see if its any good. They do have the girl from heroes on it.

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This does not appeal to me.

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Meh. It wasn't horrible, but was still pretty bad. The acting wasn't very good and the episode didn't really seem like it had a cohesive plot.

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I thought the bit where the bearded guy was freaking out about becoming a manager was funny, but that was it.

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I finished watching it and could only really come up with a sort of whining, choking sound. If I could recreate it in words it would sum up what I thought of this.

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I thought it was funny. A nice balance of making fun of "real nerds" and "fake nerds". Better than Big Bang Theory.

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Gee great, one minute in and it's already clear that it's written by an imbecile.

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These are very often the worst youtube videos. I'm not even clicking.

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Was entertaining if you don't expect it to be anything amazing. But the Chobot part at the end was just stupid and felt forced on.

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I rather enjoyed it. Its obviously not the greatest acting but it was strong enough to just let me enjoy what was happening. The first episode sold me enough that I will definitely watch the first 4/5 episodes to see where it goes.

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Was willing to give it a shot even though I already gave it a big NO after the first minute. I still say no.

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That was, uh, ok. I chuckled when he asked if she wanted to pre-order Gears of War Judgement, so it wasn't a total loss...

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Eh... nope.

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Hey look, it's Jordan Morris.

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@FinalDasa said:

I thought it was funny. A nice balance of making fun of "real nerds" and "fake nerds". Better than Big Bang Theory.

This. It didn't blow me away, but I'd definitely tune in for more.