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In my opinion, i think it's pretty neat. It's a forgotten hand held but plays gba games only. The third generation pokemon games were probably the best and i never played fire red or leaf green. I never played any other gba games so idk what else i'd get...help me out

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Man, the Game Boy Micro. The screen on that thing is surprisingly sharp for its size.

You might hunt down the GBA versions of the various Final Fantasy games (Dawn of Souls, IV, V, and VI), and also the GBA Fire Emblem games.

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Love the GBA. Perhaps mostly because it was a big thing around the time I was traveling a lot and generally playing handheld games a lot, the GBA has been a big part of gaming for me. Could never deal with the micro, though, as my hands are somewhat on the large side and it was very uncomfortable to play, even in short bursts.  As you mentioned the pokemon games on that generation are fantastic, LoZ Minish cap is another great game as well as all of the various NES/SNES mario ports. Metroid Fusion is also amazing, and comes close to Super Metroid in gameplay and quality.. Some others I enjoyed? Off the top of my head I'd check out Golden Sun, Mario Kart, And the Mega Man Battle Network Series (I've easily spent more hours on this series than any other gaming series, consoles included).
eBay is your friend for GBA games. I used to regularly troll the GBA used shelf at gamestops but those days are long behind, at least where I am.

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thanks guy, yea my hands are big too but like i just cant get over the fact that they able to compact it to be that small lol are there any zelda gba games?

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@MCK3V1TT: Treasure made some gosh-darn amazing GBA games within Astro Boy: Omega Factor and Gunstar Super Heroes, some of my absolute favorite action games that I've played. If you're into some fresh side scrollin, you won't be disappointed, my dear lad/lass.

P.S. those micros can attach to those GBA-GCN controller cables if I want to, say, play Four Sword Adventures with a chum, right? Just figured I'd open that question up while the micro is still on my mind. I see it around the local store every now and then, and I become more and more enticed to throw the money on it for that very previously mentioned reason.

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I own a Micro and used it a lot during the course of owning it, but I'd recommend instead using a DS or DS Lite to play GBA games.

What gets me about the Micro in hindsight is the miniscule screen size, smaller than even the GBA's.

As for GBA games, I recommend Mega Man & Bass and Mr. Driller 2