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The other day, I was going up to Gamestop and I renewed my Powerup card. The cashier then continues to tell me about all of the benefits of digital issues of Gameinformer, and that I should switch to that. I asked if that meant they weren't shipping physical anymore, she said yes, so I went with it. She said if I want physical copies, I have to go in the store and ask for one.

When I got back home, I looked up the change, and turns out they do ship physical, they just want to push digital.

Is it possible for me to switch back to physical? If so, how? Have you guys had this happen to you at Gamestop?

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im sure if you put up enough of a stink they will switch it back. why anyone would pay for a digital magazine is beyond me. you can literally get the exact same information for free from thousands of places, kotaku,ign,destructoid,giantbomb.

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Go back in the store and tell them you were lied to. Tell them that they either change it or you want your refund back.

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Yeah definitely contact them to make the switch. I tried the free trial issue of the magazine and I was not really impressed with it. I guess I just prefer having a physical copy of the actual magazine! But yeah, I don't think the digital version is worth it!

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The push for digital copies is to save money on printing and shipping. Notice the last couple of years that print magazines and newspapers are shutting down. Or going online only. I like having the physical copy because I'm not a fan of reading PDF files on my computer. Don't believe any thing Gamestop employees say.

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Woah that chick lied to you. Last year I renewed, they asked me if I wanted to switch. This year, I think they asked again. Or maybe they didn't. Either way I renewed like, two weeks ago and am still receiving the physical copy.

Yeah, try sending in a request to support...