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Do you guys think that this is an attempt to usurp Steams dominance on the online gaming platform.  I personally don't think they are even going to get close to what Valves platform Steam has done.  MS I think can put the infrastructure in place but they are going to want money for it and are going to want to throttle it to certain users/paying members at a later time aka Xbox Live.


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They'll get more users but steam will stay on top.

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I think it's too little too late. 

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Wait, does this mean everything that was Gold, meaning payment was required, is now... not Gold?

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Good stuff. I'm pretty happy it's free.

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about god damn time.

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Good start, now they need to bring that across to the 360.

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Thats awesome I think it was stupid for them to make people pay to play multiplayer on Games for Windows. I don't think it will be anything like Steam or even become anything like Steam.

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It means that I'll try it.

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good news for pc gamers

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IMO, Steam is better.

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So, does this mean I would still have to go buy an account? I have an xbox live gamertag. Is that the same? Basically, i dont see a "Download Games for Windows Live!!" button anywhere. I'm not sure how to get it, heh.

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This is what amazes me. Microsoft still has so much arrogance that they just wont admit "defeat" and take there GFW Live crap and go. You need to have the fundamentals down for a online/digital distribution service before you launch it. You can`t charge people for features they demand for free, and try to tie it in to Xbox Live, which most PC gamers don`t care about. GFW Live has a bad rep, for bad looking 360 ports, running on an inferior network that does not support dedicated servers for many games. What about all those people that paid MS money for GFW Live? They must be a little ticked.
It is great it is free now, but poor desisions, such as MS trying to run entire service themselves, no real killer app for the network, like CS for Steam, and charging us a monthly fee for almost 2 years now, does give MS any right to think everything is ok now.

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GoranP said:
"IMO, Steam is better.
I am not sure about you, but I still have yet to buy any games off of steam, I really only use it for Valve games still.  I still like having that box and disc for most of my games.  I mean I know you can go into Offline mode or whatever, but when I go on vacation for a week or two at a time its nice to be able to play your games without worrying if it worked or whatever.
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Microsoft can't displace Steam's dominance in terms of digital distribution gaming platform on the PC, at least not any time soon. They crippled their own reputation right off the bat by bringing the silver/gold structure to the PC where online multiplayer has always been free.

Live tried to essentially do everything Steam already does.. but for a price. At this point the only move Microsoft really had to compete with that structure on a similar footing was to make it free.

On the PC, you just don't pay for the privilege to use matchmaking and online multiplayer services and it is about time Microsoft realized that with the Games for Windows Live platform.

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Wow. Microsoft is now ripping off Steam. This is a joke. We've always had free online on PC and MS comes in and makes us pay for it. And now they make it free just so that they don't get overshadowed by Steam. To top it all off, you'll need Vista to use it.What a joke

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Awesome news. Hopefully after MS makes XBL as good as it can be, they will lower the price for us Xbox 360 users.

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Its good to see they FINALLY have done this. But steam shows more innovation and less restrictions on devs. I don't see Windows live beating steam.

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The only Games for Windows game (That sounds terrible) I have is Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. It's absolutely terrible, most people can't even connect to a game, let alone play one. So far Games for Windows has left a really bad taste in my mouth so I don't think I'll be buying another GfW game for a very long time.