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Hello, this is Nukacherry.

There are games that need to be made, because they have not already been made, and are surely to be awesome because their predecessors were frickin' awesome. Here are 2 of my suggestions:

HALF-LIFE 3 / HALF-LIFE 2: Episode Three

Half-Life is one of the best video game series of all time. It is undoubtably influential to the rest of the industry, as are most Valve-created games, and have inspired many, many other modern day games, not even necessarily FPSs. The series so far, in my opinion was epitomised by Half-Life 2 - a Top 5 Favourite of mine - a game which seems to have no flaws. The gameplay is superb, with great enemy variety and powerful weapons. The story and characters are deeply involving with the whole story experienced through Gordon's eyes. You care about the characters; even though you remain silent throughout the entire game, and have little actual interaction with them, they are all unique and feel empathetic. But Half-Life 2: Episode Two - one of the last 'Expansion Packs' in a traditional sense - left many questions unanswered. Fans of the series, and mostly the gaming community at large have been waiting patiently, or at least waiting, for this game for a long time now. Waiting for a conclusion, and an epic one at that.


Bully is another personal favourite of mine. I loved it back in its PS2 days when I wasn't quite old enough in my parents' view to be playing it but I did anyway, and I could empathise with little Jimmy Hopkins at his time of rebellion. Being from the UK, school was entirely different from that (and I'm sure it's entirely different from US schools too), but even so the freedom to skip classes, to make a potato gun and fire it at teachers...that was just so cool. In my opinion it was Rockstar at its best, even beating GTA: SA. I just spent hours in that school with all the minigames in class which let you do more outside of class - a basic unlock system that was just...perfect. The changing seasons too, being able to throw snowballs in Winter for example and find all the pumpkins on Hallowe'en; this was an entirely new concept for any game that I had seen. A sequel would be a brilliant decision for Rockstar to target those who have been denied GTA: V because of naive parents and are looking for something slightly less violent, but still totally awesome and rebellious. A new Bully game would fit just that.

Hope you enjoyed this short 'article'. Post a comment and say what games you would love to be made and why. I know Half-Life would be a big one, and one I want too, so give your opinions on that as well!


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I don't think saying "X game number in franchise hasn't been made, therefore it is 'new'," constitutes as a "new" game.

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@Napalm said:

I don't think saying "X game number in franchise hasn't been made, therefore it is 'new'," constitutes as a "new" game.

I'm not sure what you mean here. Do you mean if Ep. 3 was released it wouldn't be new because it is an expansion?

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A Bahamut Lagoon Remake, minus the dragons that fly around and kill everything for you.

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Monster Tale 2 because I can Dream.

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Jet Force Gemini II: Mizar's Return.

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Duke Nukem Fore- wait......never mind (seriously though I would like a metroid 5.)

HL2:EP3/HL3 would be nice...... but i doubt it will come out anytime soon

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Duke Nukem 5 (plausible)

A game like Skyrim made by Bethesda, but it takes place during prehistoric times with dinosaurs running around instead of dragons. (unlikely)

Conker 2 (most likely never gonna happen)

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That four player co-op Darksiders game.

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Sonic Generations, but Mario. With all the Marios. 8-bit, 16-bit, 64-bit, Sunshine, Galaxy, Mario Land 1 and 2, his various Sporty versions, New SMB, Superstar Saga/Partners in Time/Bowser's Inside Story, etc.

The antagonist of this game? Mario from Donkey Kong Jr.

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i want:

VTMB & Urban Chaos Remakes.

An Pirate RPG with ship battles.

Gladiator game.

Rambo game by Naughty Dog.

Open World Z survival.