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After hearing the crew talk about playing Bioshock Infinite in one sitting I started to wonder is this a pretty common thing to play through a relatively long game in one sitting? I know most of the time they probably need to play a game in one sitting for review purposes but does anyone else do this? Personally I don't think I could do it I can only stare at a screen for so long before becoming tired/cranky so I was wondering how people actually "marathon" a game? Is it just a matter of slamming a bunch of energy drinks or something else that I am missing.

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It's when you hit that zen moment of being Wake more then 24 hours that it all becomes clear.

Happened to me with Dark Souls.

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It's when you hit that zen moment of being Wake more then 24 hours that it all becomes clear.

Happened to me with Dark Souls.


Also, I haven't done this with any sort of lengthy game, I've only done it here and there with much shorter games.

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....I might have been up late working on my Bioshock Imfinite 1999 play though.

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I can't remember the last time I played a game in one sitting, if ever. I can play a game like Bioshock Infinite or Mass Effect in 3-4 hour and longer chunks no problem. Games like Call of Duty that are only 4 or 5 hours total fatigue me after an hour or so. It takes me as many days to play them as it does to play a 15 hour game that draws me in more.

I had a roommate who was the other way. He played 25+ hours of Mass Effect 1 with only a couple of short breaks to eat. I think he finished it the next day since there were probably only another 10 hours or so.

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I've done it with CoD: black ops and Metroid:Other M. The main reason was I was visiting friends and family, so I had a limited time to complete them.

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I wouldn't say Bioshock Infinite was relatively long, I beat it in like 12 hours, which if I had the time to do, I would have done in one sitting. I was busy so I had to split it into two 6 hour days, but still.

I beat Heavy Rain in one sitting, most CoD games in 1-2 sittings tops, I try to play most of my Civ matches in one sitting, that doesn't always work. I've also played the first three Halo games in one sitting (I mean with years between them, not all at once).

Also I would add that I did none of that shit with energy drinks. I tend to be a pretty sleepless person, less so now, but in high school I had all the free time in the world and an endless supply of energy. Now yeah I need coffee and stuff to keep me going through these games.

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I used to do this all the time, but I've grown tired of these cinematic games at this point. Can barely play for 3-4 hours (if even that) before I get bored. Been having the same exact experience with games like Tomb Raider, GoW:Ascension and Bioshock Infinite so far this year. Not that they're bad or anything but they're just taxing to play. On the other hand though I can dick around on the island in Far Cry 3 an entire day with just a dinnerbreak, or wander around Skyrim, or do another run through Dark Souls.

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I played through Tomb Raider in 2 extremely long sessions (7-8 hours each) last weekend, I don't do that very often anymore but when I used to play WoW it was no big deal to play for 10+ hours straight fairly regularly.

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The last big game I played through in one sitting was Journey or some random indie title but if we're only considering 'big' games then it was Portal 2.

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There was a thread asking people about their experiences completing games in one sitting about half a month ago. Going to close this one up.