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I've played a few video games, guys. There's several of them with ratings that I don't think fit the back of the box.

For example, I don't think Just Cause 2 deserves an M rating. Compared to other games with M ratings, it's incredibly tame. It doesn't include 'fuck' or 'shit', and the violence is pretty boilerplate among games with the T rating. I suspect that it received the M rating due to it being an open world game where you can shoot civilians. (This serves no purpose, however.)

On the other side of the coin, Ape Escape 2's rating should've been a step up from E. Those "Monkey Fables" collectibles were not altered for the American release. They include some mature themes as well as the word 'damn.' Yep, a rated-E game with the word 'damn' right in your face.

You guys have any that come to mind?

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How did Yoshi's Island get a KA rating when it was advocating hard drug use? What the shit, ESRB?

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I really don't pay much attention to the ESRB rating, so it'd be tough for me to say.

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The first Halo game or two didn't seem to deserve an M. That's all I can think of.

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Battlefield: Bad Company is the prime example of bad ESRB rating to me. It's a war game where you shoot other people the entire time, tear down structures with tank shells and such, the main characters and even multiplayer characters cuss like sailors (they never say fuck, but everything else is okay), and it's rated T for Teen.

Hell, Red Faction Guerrilla was essentially that same exact shit...and it was rated M for Mature!!! Then again, maybe that game dropped some F bombs. I can't remember. @starfoxa, would you happen to remember anything about that at all?

Meanwhile, Halo has some alien blood, a sci-fi setting, shooting at ALIENS, and nowhere NEAR as much language...and it's rated M for Mature. IT'S BASICALLY VIRTUAL FUCKING PAINTBALL, MAN!

The ESRB drives me insane a lot of times. Then again, I work at a gaming center, so I deal with parents constantly giving me these speeches about why their kids can't play Call of Duty, but it's okay for them to play Left 4 Dead.

"Well, they aren't shooting people in Left 4 Dead, just zombies."

Right, because they weren't people at SOME point. Moreover, all of the blood, dismemberment, and gore isn't as bad as a run 'n' gun deathmatch...OBVIOUSLY.

Hell, I have a parent that won't let her kid play Harry Potter, Star Wars, or anything with superheroes (LEGO games included). Why? Harry Potter promotes witchcraft, Star Wars has the Force which is a "false religion," and superheroes are "false idols." However, he can play all of the Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Left 4 Dead that he wants. Hell, the kid LOVES Army of Two: The 40th Day.

Welcome to religious fundamentalist Texas, eh?

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I would probably swap the ratings of Halo: Combat Evolved and Batman: Arkham Asylum. The beatings in Batman seem way more brutal and the mind games way more intense than anything Halo had.

Same. Except maybe Arkham City instead of Asylum. I'm still confused at how that game only got a T. And Halo is just tame as hell.

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Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl being rated T for Teen seems kind of stupid to me. I mean, seriously? The first game on the N64 is rated E for Everyone. I guess all those stunning graphical improvements made the violence too real to let little kids play it.

With the introduction of E10+, I'm assuming that Brawl would've been downgraded to that rating, but Snake's rocket launcher and other explosives were probably too "real world violence" to be anything less than T for Teen. That's the only objectionable thing that comes to mind in the game, aside from the general idea that you're punching and kicking and laser blasting a bunch of mascots constantly.

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I never look at the rating so I can't really think of anything that comes to mind except Halo. Every time I see that game has an M it surprises me. I think of it as a T game. No idea why it gets an M.

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The DK rap had the word 'hell' in it and made my mom really mad because the game had an E rating.

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The M ratings on Persona 3 and 4 seem bizarre to me. Yeah, I guess they have "sexual themes" and "partial nudity", but are we really pretending teenagers are so pure that anything in Persona 4 is going to push their boundaries? This all feels like an exercise in enabling parents to pretend their teenagers don't know what sex is and don't have a better place to find out than a video game.

I get why the ESRB is the way it is, but it's a pretty sad manifestation of our (Canada uses it too!) cultures.

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@video_game_king said:

How did Yoshi's Island get a KA rating when it was advocating hard drug use? What the shit, ESRB?

Yoshi's Island has a pretty blatant anti-drug message, doesn't it? The level isn't called "Touch Fuzzy, Get Awesome".

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@elwoodan said:

The DK rap had the word 'hell' in it and made my mom really mad because the game had an E rating.

I think it was changed to heck in later versions of the game.

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As others have said, I have never understood why any of the Halo games are rated M. The "gore" consists of small bloodstains, the language never goes any further than "goddamn" and "ass", the entire campaign is spent fighting aliens and what are essentially zombies, with the only human on human violence (fully armored humans with no gore at all) comes in the multiplayer. I just don't get it.

Part of me feels like it's a legacy thing. Back when Halo CE first came out, it didn't take as much to get an M (you would never see T rated games like Uncharted with all the violence and "everything short of fuck" swearing back in 2001), so because the first game was rated M, they just continued to rate Halo games M even when standards changed a bit. I don't know, it's dumb either way.

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Agreed with Arkham city.

That game had an enemy that went around cutting off people's faces and it somehow managed to get a T. Wut.

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Agreed with Arkham city.

That game had an enemy that went around cutting off people's faces and it somehow managed to get a T. Wut.

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Both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City like a couple of people have said. Those games are pretty brutal.

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Any of the Halo games always seemed more of a T than an M to me, but otherwise I think they're pretty spot-on. I have a copy of Goldeneye for the N64 that has a T rating on it, but every other copy I've seen of it has an M. I was too young at the time to hear any controversy, but I'd guess that's one that actually got changed at some point after release.

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It's mostly the ESRB being overly sensitive and giving games the M rating. Persona 3 I can understand - it's dark, involves lots of murder and sacrifice and occult stuff and shooting yourself in the head to summon personas. However, Persona 4 made no sense to me - it's very much a T game in my mind. Much lighter in tone and story than P3.

I didn't understand Twilight Princess getting a T rating. It almost feels like Nintendo requested it to make the game seem darker, even though it wasn't. Ocarina of Time was a lot more dark and foreboding and it got an E.

None of the Halo games made sense to me as an M rating. I think it was just a technicality - there's some blood splatter, therefore it's M, though it'd very clearly be a PG-13 level of movie and not an R. Having Halo share the same rating with, say, GTA doesn't really help portray what's actually in the game. GTA honestly almost feels too brutal, swear-heavy and sexual to be an M (that San Andreas got an AO only after a dumb minigame was uncovered seems totally stupid to me - the game deserved it before that).