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@blommer4 said:

Last of Us. It took me a while to finish it because the whole game really didn't "click" for me until around half way through. It was so repetitive and boring. Some story - open area where you try to stealth and get into a firefight if you fail - progress a little ahead - more open area sequenses or story and repeat. The story wasn't enough for me to like the game at first, but for some point the combat and everything just clicked for me and it got somehow easier, but also so much more exciting. The story ended up being very cool, but imo the game is still really overrated. I did love it though, after some time.

I agree with this. I was horrible at the combat and it was really dragging the game down, and then during the winter chapter it just sort of clicked and I started doing well and enjoying it a lot more. Of course, the Winter chapter was also when I realized how ridiculously good the bow was, so there might be a connection.

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Bioshock 1 and Syndicate come to mind.

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Trials HD

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Dark Souls. Not to say I didn't like it the first time I went through the game, but upon going for a second playthrough I fucking fell in love with that game.

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Mass Effect. I trudged through about a third of it and then left it alone for about two years. When I put it back in, it was a marathon to the finish, and now it's my favorite of the trilogy and handily on the list of games that I think everyone should experience.

Fallout 3 is another. It was sort of the first RPG I played, and I got bogged down in the menus and stats (really). But I pushed through it, and at around three hours in I had a little shack in Megaton and I was hooked.

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Knights of the Old Republic for me, probably due to how slow the first couple of worlds are. But once I got further into the story and got to know the characters, as well as how cool some of the later planets are, I was hooked., and really enjoyed my time with it. DA:O was similar for me, in that it took some time for me to really get into the story and characters.

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Easily dragon age orgins.... I just could not get the gameplay down. It probably took me like 4 or 5 restarts to really get the hang of it and enjoy the game.

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It took me six hours and a full restart of the game to fully get into San Andreas. Thankfully, when everything fell into place it became one of my favorite games of all time.

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Interestingly enough, it took me a few tries to really "get" Temple of Elemental Evil. It has a weak start with a bunch of terrible, tedious fetch quests and if you don't do them, you will probably die. I've sung the praises of that game well enough to explain why the rest is so awesome.

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Mount and Blade: Warband for me. I tried getting into it several times and failed, then one day I gave it another shot and now I have like 40 hours played or something like that.

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Sounds like Vesperia for me...... Then it unclicked close to the end, inside that underwater palace.

PRetty tedious. Probably should have just marathoned it to finish fast, but I played on and off and now it feels like an endless game. I just can't push myself to finish it anymore. Sry purple-haired protagonist guy that I liked...... i can't even remember his name.... yori. lol

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Skyrim as I really didn't know what kind of play style I wanted to use, I wasn't enjoying my time with it until I started the thieves guild quest line and started playing as a rogue.

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GTAIV, it was the first and only GTA I'd played and it didn't really click for me the longest time.

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Since I can't think of anything right now, I'll quote @mosespippy for my reverse answer and mention Brütal Legdend. I first bought it for PS3 and loved the premise of it. Played it for several days, 'till those RTS parts began to take their toll. Same thing with the PC-version, that I decided to get for some reason. Why didn't you just make it regular third-person hack 'n slash, huh?!

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Without a doubt. World of Warcraft.

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One Finger Death Punch on Xbox Live indie games. You reach a point in that game where everything starts to click, and your reactions to everything on screen become much faster.