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Throughout my several years of playing videogames, only a few stand out as games that really lasered some kind of lasting effect in my brain. Whether it be an ending or maybe a certain scene, maybe even the gameplay, there have been a few times where I've just been completely floored by something.

For starters, both BioShock games had some serious holy crap moments for me, especially Infinite's ending. Gone Home is another game that upon completion, I had a torrent of just emotion, thought and wonder in my head for quite some time. These games gave me that physical feeling in my stomach- maybe you know what I mean, I just might be weird though.

Mass Effect 3's ending gave me the same feeling as well, though the reflection would result in anger and a general 'what the fuck.'

Anyone else ever experience this feeling about a game before? I really like the games that leave their mark on me like these have, I feel like I don't really get to play enough of them these days and want to play more of them.

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Metal Gear Solid 3. The ending salute.

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Mass Effect 3 was the same for me.

The original Halo was a really important moment in the progression of my love of video games.

I had my jaw on the floor for basically the entirety of Portal 2.

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There are a few that I can recall:

-In Call of Duty 4, when the nuke goes off and your character actually dies, I was very surprised. I wasn't expecting that at all.

-Then as you mentioned, the first Bioshock when Andrew Ryan reveals the huge twist. It felt like the entire game was made JUST for that moment.

-In World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, going to Northrend for the first time and looking up at the cliffs of the Howling Fjord at the Alliance starting point was really damn cool. Hell, I had this feeling with most of the zones in World of Warcraft when I was first playing it - I was a huge warcraft nut back in the day, so actually going around in that world was amazing. Back in Vanilla when everything was new, it was all so exciting.

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@thebluthcompany: Yeah, I know what you mean about Halo. Like the first time you touch down on Halo is something else, blew me away when I was 9.

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Nier, Ghost Trick, Zeno Clash 2, Infinite Space, Digital Devil Saga 2.

All of those being late game reveals that shouldn't be spoiled, obviously.

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Lots of moments in the Halo series.

Alan Wake had a lot of WHOA moments, like running up to the lighthouse in the DLC.

Mass Effect 2 opening the first time (i played the demo first) then bought the game because of it.

Asura's fucking Wrath, I was like thrown back at many points in the game.

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Morrowind. I was like what? 14-15? i don't remember. But holy shit was that game mind blowing. Just the scope and freedom. I was more used to JRPGs and the concept of exploring and being free to do what i wanted was just amazing.

"You mean i can just kill that guy and take his stuff? woah..."

Granted i never did, having the option with ANYONE meant that well, i stopped myself. If it was an optional fight in some dumb JRPG i'd always kill them. I actually actively looked for ways to solve things peacefully, which there was many. I still play that way to this day. I mean when i found that out i killed some random NPC for his stuff cus it looked cool, 20 minutes later i reverted to my last save before that murder, roughly like 2-3 hours back just because i FELT BAD. That's pretty damn cool.

The elder scrolls games by letting you kill anyone (or at least most people) and do just about anything, it sorta made me want to play a good guy even more. But morrowind was the game that made me do that. Hell in AC4 on any stealth mission i almost always used my hands to knock guys out instead of killing them even though it took longer and was harder to pull off.

I just think its cool that a game like morrowind who gave me the option to kill anyone i wanted resulted me learning that i dont wanna kill people. I mean sure if they rush me with a sword or something im chopping their god damn head off thats justifiable.

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Infamous 2 had one amazing part in both endings, but the one evil karma ending scene that everyone knows was heavy.

MGS4 when big boss cqc hugs snake and says "let it go, my son", that hit me hard.

and Skyrim when you leave the starting cave and there is nothing but land as far as you can see.

@pontron: Mass Effect 3 was the same for me but the ending to ME1 and how you can use your paragon speech skills on Saren to resolve things blew my mind. Pun intended.

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@animasta said:

Infinite Space

I've tried so many times getting into that game, but I just can't :( So much meandering around space wondering what to do, the battle system doesn't seem particularly good, and crazy load times. Is it really worth continuing on? Maybe I should play with a walkthrough next to me =/

Also, Braid.

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@beachthunder: I dunno, you might be thinking of the other infinite space. Mine's the JRPG by Platinum...

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The first hour served as a wonderful introduction.. the last hour was nothing short of revelatory. Few things in any medium have ever hit me so hard.

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@animasta said:

@beachthunder: I dunno, you might be thinking of the other infinite space. Mine's the JRPG by Platinum...

That's exactly what I'm thinking of. However, the other game you're probably thinking of is Endless Space :P

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I've definitely had those moments in the beginning of the many of Elder Scrolls games.

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  • Demo for Mass Effect 2.
  • First hours of the first Assassins Creed.
  • Controlling Metal Gear Rex then fighting Ray in MGS 4.
  • Wandering around the wasteland in Fallout 3. It didn't matter what direction you where going. You always found something.
  • Changing a diaper and feeding a baby in Heavy Rain.
  • Flying helicopters and driving motorcycles in GTA: Vice City while playing those 80s songs on the radio.
  • Going in the air duct three times to watch Meryl do exercises in her underwear in MGS.
  • Setting the price of hotdogs in Madden NFL 2004 franchise mode.

That is all I can think of off the top of my head for now.

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The end of Dragon's Dogma

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Mass Effect 2 opening.

Halo 3 first scarab battle, playing 4 player co-op with my friends and it was insane just the amount of variety their is in taking that thing down.

MW2 Shepard betrayal, also saving Price. That game was just full of great moments

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god, I have been gaming since the atari, I still get those moments a lot.

But recently was going through Dark Souls and really managing to get through all of Blight town, and then looking up seeing that crack of light and just that sense of accomplishment especially how many tries I did to get there.

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The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite come to mind. Obviously both of these games are recent titles, but both have incredible endings that left a lasting impression on me.

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There are plenty, but the end of Portal 2 was the first thing that jumped to mind.

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  • Call of Duty 4 - Nuke
  • Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - Intro
  • Portal 1 - 4000 degrees kelvin
  • Alan Wake - End of episode 2 and the memory from episode 4
  • Demon's Souls - Maiden Astraea boss fight
  • Uncharted 2 - Collapsing building
  • Deus Ex - Talking to Morpheus
  • God of War 3 - Fighting on Gaia
  • Yoshi's Island - Fighting Bowser
  • Zeno Clash - The end of the world (and back)
  • Oblivion - Leaving the sewers
  • Mass Effect - Conversation with Sovereign
  • Bioshock Infinite - Escaping with Elizabeth and walking around lighthouses
  • Spec Ops: The Line - Unreservedly blowing shit up in the helicopter
  • Half-Life - The 'Day One' demo, all of it
  • Assassin's Creed - Facing Al-Mualim
  • Assassin's Creed 2 - Message for Desmond
  • Dragon's Dogma - Fighting the dragon

There are almost certainly a whole lot more, but man, video games are awesome.

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There has been a lot of them over the years. My favorite one "recently" is probably a player moment in Journey. Man that game is so fucking awesome.

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Tower scene in DmC 3

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Story moments and crazy endings are nice, but personally I only really go 'woah' when the gameplay allows me unexpected freedom with amazing results.

My last really memorable one was Just Cause 2. Massive world where I could kinda teleport around with a grappling hook, blow tons of stuff up, do crazy things, I felt so ALIVE.

@clonedzero: Interesting. I had a similar experience with Oblivion, my very first RPG after years of shooters and action games.

I got out of the sewer and there was a world around me. I honestly was terrified, I was so uncomfortable by not getting any instructions or markers. The lack of invisible walls made me dizzy! "Where do I...? How do I..? And why do whatever I'm going to do next?"

And when I understood that I can kill and loot anyone and anything I was blown away!

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@animasta said:

@beachthunder: I dunno, you might be thinking of the other infinite space. Mine's the JRPG by Platinum...

That's exactly what I'm thinking of. However, the other game you're probably thinking of is Endless Space :P

there is an actual second infinite space

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There are many , but one I will always remember is when you finish the fight againts sniper wolf in MGS 1 , and you know , Snake takes her out ... I was D: !!!! Then Kojima pulls it all over again in MGS3 againt the Boss and again I was D:!!!! Good times.

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The last mission of Halo 3. Basically everything once you get to the Ark is awesome, but everything about that final mission is perfect.

MGS4. The early game has good moments, but you can define when that game gets awesome literally from the instant Ocelot makes finger guns. As soon as he whips those things out, everything else that happens from them until the end of the game is fucking awesome.

Dead Space 2. Not just the Ishimura (which was incredible), but literally the entire ending after the eye machine. Just so much chaos and plot twists and emotion and a boss fight versus a hallucination of your dead girlfriend inside your goddamn mind. And people think the NecroMoon is "too crazy".

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There's plenty of 'em and it'll probably take me a while to write-up a proper list...but if I were to mention few vivid examples, I'd probably say first God of War games (especially two). Both games themselves had great moments in them and PS2 being able to squeeze-out that level of stuff was mindblowing. But it was even more amazing for me, as I had always been a pc-guy myself. PC certainly had it's fair share of 3rd person games as well, but nothing as fluid and fast-paced hack 'n slashing as GoWs. Add a controller to that to replace clunky keyboard & mouse controls and I was near-literally in heaven when I played those games. GoW 3 was also pretty grand in terms of visuals, but the Kronos match triumphed over all the rest.

Another example would be World of Warcraft, which should be pretty self-explanatory, since that was the first MMO I ever played, if excluding a very brief and confused attempt to play Anarchy Online (which still apparently exists, holy crap...) for an hour or so. Easy to get into, a big world that I already had some familiarity with, thanks to previous Warcraft games...I couldn't help myself from turning my life upside down.

I'll try to think some more specific moments to list for later on...

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The Last of Us: Left Behind when Ellie and Riley kiss. It explained so much about that character and elevated the base games story to a staggering degree. All of winter had my jaw firmly placed on the ground as well.

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Nier. The music in that game, and the story reveals made in new game plus. Nothing like it as far as i've seen

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Fallout 3 finding those abandoned vaults and finding out what they where used for was great. Fable 2 having the threesome with the prostitutes was a hell of a moment. Also, the original Dark Souls, after writing it off because I wasn't that a huge fan of Demons Souls, it really made me take a step back and check out other games which I had previously no interest in.

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The ending and epilogue of Red Dead Redemption.

Playing Skyrim for the first time.

Getting superpowers in Saints Row IV.

Pretty much everything from the Mass Effect trilogy.

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Beating Pokemon Gold as a kid, then discovering an entire other region (Kanto) to play through

Killzone Shadowfall (Visually, the game was stunning. It was the first thing I put in my Ps4 and I'd never seen a game on a high end Pc)

Getting to the secret Mew stage in Pokemon Snap

That one vista scene near the beginning of Bioshock Infinite

The entirety of Skyrim (I don't think I'll ever be as enraptured, awed or childishly full of glee as I was with Skyrim)

Sailing the high seas in Assassin's Creed 4 (Especially during storms)

The Inverted castle in Symphony of the Night

The transition to Mexico in Red dead redemption

Beating Smogh and Ornstein and really the entirety of Dark Souls (I have never been as intensely happy from conquering something in a video game as I was with the S&O fight and Lord Gwynn)

The final boss fight in MGS4

Rushing Dr. Wily's castle in Mega Man 2 (That music was so awesome)

The end sequence of Journey (It made me get hell of misty eyed)

The message at the end of Assassin's creed 2

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This entire scene made me go Whoa!! a few times.

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  • Journey - best 90 minute experience you can buy, that ending had me in tears and my mind blown
  • MGS4 - was the first MG game for me and it was were I feel in love with the series
  • Dragon Age - one of the few games that actually felt epic to me when I first played it and how it felt like my choices mattered, essentially my biggest problem with DA2
  • Legend of Zelda OoT - everything about the game made me say woah and I still am in awe of that game, they knocked OoT out of the park with everything they packed into it
  • BioShock Infinite - Ending specifically, I absolutely love it, first time was a mind blown situation
  • Asura's Wrath - every boss fight has something memorable, chapter 12 might be my favorite thing ever in a video game; SWORD THROUGH THE FUCKING EARTH! HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME!
  • Persona 4 - hard to describe what makes me go woah, probably the fact that every time I beat it, I want to start playing it again. The longevity, personality, humor, depth, characters, story, everything about it comes together in a massive "WOAH"
  • Gears of War - saw some friends play the game on release day and went and bought a copy with a 360 the next day, the only system selling game to me in my history of buying consoles. Literally had no interest in getting a 360 and in a matter of a few hours I completely changed my mind
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Going back to Shadow Moses in MGS4 was....man...I don't even know how to describe it. To say it blew me away would be an understatement. I've had some nostalgia shocks before, but that took the fucking cake. Just being there was enough, but then they threw in the audio clips and screen flashes and I daresay I genuinely had a few tears come to my eye.

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Even though this didn't woah me, I just felt like posting it. I'm pretty sure me and @yummylee can agree Barry didn't deserve this.

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Grand Theft Auto III, IV and V. Those games had me floored for nearly the entire time I played them.

The ending of Red Dead Redemption, along with the general atmosphere of being alone out there alone on your horse, or pulling into a bar town to play some hold 'em or liar's dice.

Taking the beach in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. My family only owned a PC for about five years but luckily we timed it just in time to experience the moment first person shooters became something much bigger than they ever seemed capable of.

For better and for worse, MGS2. From the first time I shot a watermelon in first person to the reveal of the Patriots' true intentions I never knew what was around the next corner. It left my thumbs and my brain rattled.

Zone of the Enders 2. After seeing what Sucker Punch did with Second Son I can only imagine what Kojima andy is Fox Engine could do with a PS4 Zone of the Enders. Please bring this back. Just stunning animation and truly three-dimensional combat. DmC reminded me of it at times.

Xenogears. Who knew a video game could make you think like that and still be fun?

Super Mario 64. Double jumping off the walls of the castle used to be all I really needed.

Final Fantasy VIII. The imagination of the environments and the FMV.

Biker Mice from Mars. Because the mice were from Mars, and martian mice maneuver motorcycles mightily.

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Most recently, Skyrim. The vistas in that game are incredible.

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It actually happens to me pretty regularly; games are a powerful medium. I like to describe it as "giving the player the deck;" the artist loses significant control over their ability to guide the experience in most video games, but the player gains significant power over, say, readers, filmgoers, etc. However, the artist, here a developer (team), gets to create graphic art, gameplay, music, written narrative, sometimes even cinematography. Again, it's a powerful medium.

Over the last few years, I'd say these have all left impact enough to move me deeply:

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GTAIII - Just not believing that a 3D world of this size and detail was possible and then having my mind blown.

Fallout 3 - Coming out the vault and taking in this wide vista which was mine to explore. The tension and elation of exploring the world early on and being terrified for my life. The joy of my first victory in combat.

Bioshock - Pretty much the whole game, apart from the last boss. - A constant sense of wonder and amazement at every turn.

Red Dead Redemption - The transition into Mexico and the ending. As my memory of the more clanging moments of typical Rockstar dissonance fades I am left with a sense of awe at the world they managed to create.

GTA V - Stepping out onto the streets of Los Santos at night for the first time. The lighting, sound and rich evocative colours just made that world seem so real. There were so many moments like this in the game. Los Santos is an awe-inspiring place.

There are others, but I think what always makes me go 'woah' at games are when I realise that an amazing, rich, beautiful world has been created and I have been given as much freedom as possible to explore this wonder. I can't wait to see what VR has to offer.

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Gone Home's ending was really cool imo

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The prologue and the lead into the title credits of The Last of Us had me going, "Holy shit, Naughty Dog has done it again!"

Almost all of Bioshock Infinite had me gaping.

Oblivion when I finally got out of the sewers and the overwhelming feeling of absolute freedom. Amazing.

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Asura's Wrath was just a long series of ridiculous WOW moments made even better by the fact that I was playing with a couple friends in the room.

Solving the alphabet in Fez was amazing, it was the first time my younger brother had really shown interest in a game outside of the occasional Madden, and we were up till 3AM finding anti-cubes for nearly a week.

Call of Duty: Big Red One on the Gamecube was the first T rated game I was allowed to play, and there was a certain scene where a squadmate (Brooklyn, I think?) says 'I just might make it out of this hell hole' just before stepping on a landmine. It's really messed up, though I fully admit that any character death, regardless of how hamfisted or foreshadowed, always gets me.

The section of Bastion where Build that Wall plays, the narration just before, and the overall tone of the song is perfect, there are a lot of really good music moments in games, like 'Sympathy for the Devil' in Black Ops, 'Power' in Saints Row 3, or the 'Burn Dem' bit in Far Cry 3.

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GTA V, the first mission where you fly a plane and see the game world from the sky.

Also, Fallout: New Vegas, whenever Benny ended up at the fort on my first playthrough. It gavr me this illusion of yhe game having a lot of choices and consequences I hadnt seen before. Obviously a lot of it was smoke and mirrors, but dat first playthrough.

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Journey was a pretty incredible video game experience. Particularly because I'd heart nothing but insane praise, and the game still massively exceeded my expectations and sincerely moved me.

The Walking Dead. I was already aware of the comics and very familiar with the show - IMHO this made the show feel like a direct-to-dvd sequel. To quote the late, great Ryan Davis "I'd never cried after playing a video game before, but I hope it's not the last time."

Going back to my childhood

Tecmo Super Bowl: I don't think the epic-ness of a single sports season has ever been as perfectly captured as it was in this game. This must go back 15 years, but I remember in the early days of the internet that Seanbaby perfectly described how "the playoffs were the equivelant of a boss fight" (rough quote). The music became distinctly sinister and the teams were 3 times as good. Every mistake was punished mercilessly, and you could easily see a wonderful regular season flushed down the toilet by 15 minutes of sloppy play. Never have pro sports been more accurately realized in a game while simulatenously being totally arcade-y.

Tetris: Another rough quote here, when on JAR time Jeff once answered the question of "Best video game ever?": "Tetris. I mean... it's got to be Tetris, right?" In 500 years I think people will still be playing this video game in some form. It's that good. Like chess or the alphabet.

When there is eventually a widely recognized divide in how to group video games, I feel it is going to come down to "mechanically driven games" and "narratively driven games."

Think about Tetris and The Legend of Zelda. Think about Tony Hawk: Pro Skater and Shadow Of The Colossus. Think about Spelunky and Gone Home. It strikes me as fundamentally insane that we even try to compare the two at times.

We don't compare commercials, TV shows, music videos, and movies in the same categories even though they are all objectively types of "film." Video games are in there total infancy, and I think in 10 years time we're going to look back and be amazed that we were pitting these types of games head-to-head.

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I always have to go with the big reveal in Knights of the Old Republic. For what ever reason, when the mask is removed and you find out you were Darth Revan it just blew my mind.

#49 Posted by Vasta_Narada (524 posts) -

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand - When you confront Sabata in the final dungeon and he fills you in on what the situation really is and then 1v1s you. I marveled at what Kojima could do when he reigns in the Metal Gear-ness

Ghost Trick - The entire later half of that game had me continually wanting to see more. My mind was busy trying to figure out what the twists might be, so much fun.

Bastion - The "Build That Wall" moment that someone else mentioned.

Persona 4 - I played this when it was first released. My bedroom, where I played games at the time, flooded, but I was so hooked by the game that I grabbed a chair from the dinner table and suffered through the intense heaters and terrible odor of the pulled-up-and-drying-out carpet for hours a day just to play more.

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Persona 4, all of it

The part where you climb up the side of a train in Uncharted.