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Majora's Mask gave me that feeling many, many years after I first played it. I spent a lot of time as a kid playing it with my uncle, and when he passed away I felt compelled to return to it and play through again. The themes are really powerful, and the idea of taking on the identity of the deceased and essentially carrying on their legacy and fulfilling their wishes is... powerful. It's an incredibly powerful game.

Portal 2 made me say "WHAAAAAT" out loud a few times, mostly at the mid-game twist and the ending boss fight. Just ridiculous. The achievement sums it up really well: That just happened.

Gone Home reminded me of what it was like to be young and full of love and naivete and fear and uncertainty. While I was not in the same position as the characters in that game, the emotions that were touched on were extremely familiar.

#52 Posted by EVO (4027 posts) -
  • The first time I played Rez
  • The first time I played Child of Eden (it was on a massive projector, in 3D)
  • Journey, in particular the snowboarding sequence
  • Uncharted 2 & 3
  • FEZ ending
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Going back to Shadow Moses in MGS4 was....man...I don't even know how to describe it. To say it blew me away would be an understatement. I've had some nostalgia shocks before, but that took the fucking cake. Just being there was enough, but then they threw in the audio clips and screen flashes and I daresay I genuinely had a few tears come to my eye.

Ditto here. To say the first Metal Gear Solid is the game that has influenced me the most would be an understatement. Seeing Snake swimming up to the base the music David Hayter's gravely voice. Just the best. Been through that game countless times and it never ever gets old.

#54 Posted by Stonyman65 (3008 posts) -
  • Everything in Call of Duty 4
  • Seeing the Washington Monument all fuced up in Modern Warfare 2 and the fight for Washington DC.
  • Everything in Uncharted 2
  • The ending on Metal Gear Sold 4 (and the second ending of Metal Gear Solid 4)
  • When Lilly shoots Carly and when Lilly's dad is killed in The Walking Dead season one
  • My first encounter with the Dwemer ruins in Skyrim

That's all I can think of right now.

#55 Edited by Seikenfreak (739 posts) -

Hmm this is surprisingly hard. There have definitely been many moments for me but its hard to remember them. I had to skim over the thread to remind me of some. I'd also say that, while I really enjoyed these games, they aren't my most favorite games ever.

Crysis - The graphics I guess and sense of approachability for the camps and such. And then the story I guess. If I remember correctly, once you enter the alien ship and get out, everything is chaos. The game goes from relatively small scale encounters that allow you to sort of control the pace, too then massive scale and war zone like environments. Being on the aircraft carrier and they drop the nuke and stuff. My jaw was just on the floor for that whole second half and I literally had goosebumps and was in shock just thinking like.. This is like an incredible action movie I just played. The video direction and sense of everything was unbelievable. It's hard to describe so many years later but I don't believe I've had any moment like this for a action video game story since then.

Metal Gear Solid 2 - I thought the intro sequence and music was awesome. Harry Gregson-Williams killed it: MGS2 Main Theme. Then you just get into the story stuff and probably half the time I was confused. I don't want to get all crazy talk but once the credits rolled I felt like "omg yes this is kinda roughly how I feel governments work and such." The cutscenes with Vamp were awesome and terrifying. This was my first completion of a MGS game and I would then go on to play the later main sequels.

Fallout 3 - When you first leave the Vault was pretty intense BUT also when I was first entering a different Vault that was still closed. I wasn't sure if I should be excited to find loot or if I'm going to let something out that I shouldn't. Am I going to find some horrific scene of death or something? Creeping in one step at a time checking all my corners freaking out. Silence.

Red Dead Redemption - As someone else already mentioned: The trip into Mexico. Fantastic song. Jose Gonzalez - Far Away

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Another one that was mentioned and I had forgotten about. D-Day and taking the beach. This was another huge step up in graphics and audio for me at the time. The sense of "holy shit I don't want to move from this spot" was crazy. I think I remember seeing Saving Private Ryan maybe shortly after this? And thinking holy crap this is EXACTLY like the game.. Did they copy off the game? Did the game copy off the movie? This is amazing.

Braid - The ending. Sat there thinking like.. wait.. wut? Did.. wait..

Resident Evil 2 - Dealing with Mr. X. Particular situations that scared the shit out of me. And not just jump scares. Genuine frozen in place terror.

Metroid Fusion - Same as above. Forgot the name of the Samus parasite clone thing but that was the exact same type of terror as Mr. X.

I feel lame about this because it took me having to see people mention the titles for me to remember some games even existed. Or having two things that just seem like cheesy scare moments or all just graphics but I absolutely stand by this list. The majority of these were when I was in my early to mid-teens. And I see a pattern where its a lot about combining great visuals, audio, story and immersion to create real sort of out of body freaky moments for me. The moments where I am so absorbed into the game and things align in the perfect sequence to create a moment where I am taken back and realize this is a game. This is a feeling this all encompassing experience is creating in me.

I've obviously had other types of experiences through gaming, like moments where I am tearing up from a story moment, credits rolling on something I didn't want to end, or interactions with people in an MMO. Or just super fun or very memorable games for different reasons. But I guess in this situation I don't consider those a "whoa" thing. I'm thinking more of a specific moment while playing a game that I was almost jarringly popped out of the situation and had to stop and think about where I was and what I was doing.

Man I love games.

#56 Posted by cthomer5000 (956 posts) -

FEZ's first ending when I realized "Whoa...this game is not what I thought it was."

That game requires a lot of faith, but it is 100% worth it. You get back what you put in.

Another bastardized quote... Jeff said something like "This game shouldn't exist."

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- Nier (even though the plot twist was really predictable once you see a certain load screen)

- Final Fantasy X's ending because I was not at all expecting that kind of ending out of a game in this series

- Persona 3's final boss and ending. Absolutely fantastic. It's a real shame P4's ending didn't even try to do anything as great or memorable as P3's.

- Bioshock Infinite's ending 'cause come on

- Tales of Xillia. I have no idea why, but I absolutely love this game. I just found Jude and Milla to be amazing characters.

- FFVII coupled with Crisis Core 'cause the story they tell is amazing. I really hope they do a VII-2 at some point and wrap up the Genesis stuff.

- Loot 2.0 in Diablo III 'cause oh my god I am addicted to this game now

I actually didn't find Dragon Dogma's ending to be that crazy. I mean, I thought the stuff with the pawn and your character was cool, but everything before that wasn't really as crazy as everyone led me to believe it was going to be :/ Maybe if you haven't played many JRPG's before? Or maybe there's something crazy about the ending I just don't get? I dunno.

#58 Posted by AdequatelyPrepared (872 posts) -

Intro and ending to Half Life 2, I swear that almost all of G-Man's monologues in that game are burned into my brain.
Bioshock, almost all of it (barring the very very end)
FFX was a pretty big game of my childhood, so honourable mention there.
For more recent games, Hotline Miami, especially with the soundtrack and the twist where you play as the second character and instead survive the encounter with the original character.
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: running down a building towards a Metal Gear Ray blasting laser beams and rockets at you while "Rules of Nature" just goes off in the background.
Ending of MGS 3 and the ending and boss fight of MGS 4, cycling through the different health bars and themes was genius.
Spec Ops: The Line, for making me question a lot of things about a lot of things.

#59 Posted by peritus (1096 posts) -

Having a chat with Sovereign.

And with the recent re-release of Tales of Symphonia i remembered that that game is full of interesting moments and characters. Not gonna get specific because people might be getting into that game just now.

Its great! ( in my opinion anyway :-) )

#60 Posted by Shortbreadtom (927 posts) -

So many moments in the Last of Us were "whoa" moments

The twist in Portal 2

When the girl sings in Bastion, or the final level when you carry your nemesis getting shot the whole time

Hotline Miami

The ending of Jak 3 is, in my opinion, one the greatest endings to any video game ever (perhaps only beaten by Last of Us). The twist at the end of Jak was perfect, it captured the tone of the entire series perfectly.

#61 Edited by GhostDragon (8 posts) -

Leaving the vault in Fallout 3

The giraffes in The Last of Us

The end of The Walking Dead Season 1

OctoCamo in Metal Gear Solid 4

Dying in Spelunky

Bioshock 1... Andrew Ryan

First multiplayer match of Call of Duty 4

#62 Posted by TheBluthCompany (444 posts) -

@steadyingmeat: I love Persona 4, but the last act of Persona 3 is one of the best things I've ever played in a game.

#63 Edited by Eaxis (994 posts) -

Mass Effect was quite a magical experience, still remember the journey so fondly when I played it back in 2007. Fallout 3 and TES:Oblivion first hours. Bioshock, Still Life, Dark Souls, Batman Arkham Asylum, playing Max Payne 1 and 2 back to back, was an amazing moment how different MP2 felt, Playing Gears of War for the first time, Pokemon red/yellow as a 10 year old and watching the show, Dragon's Dogma, The Darkness. So many of these games have some moments that's stuck with me. I'm sure there are many more but these were the ones I could think of on the spot.(Bonus: Frog Fractions)

#64 Posted by DeadpanCakes (1107 posts) -

Super Mario World, considering it was the first game I'd played

Sonic Adventure... 3d, man. The part with the orca chasing after you. Mind. Blowing.

Bastion for when Zia and Zulf's themes play, as well as whenever the narrator opened his mouth.

Monster Hunter for when I played local multiplayer for the first time, and every time I've played multiplayer, since.

Persona 4 for being the epitome of my interests when I was like, 15.

#65 Edited by Jazz_Bcaz (272 posts) -

Facing Grigori in Dragon's Dogma for the first time. I was faced with what felt like an impossible task, and then my pawns really came to life with their suggestions, and convinced me it was possible. Good lord what a boss encounter. I'm always curious as to why the ending before the first NG+ in Drag Dog gets such a reaction. I felt the build up was virtually none existent (collect and cash in 20 doo da's when you feel like it) and the execution lacklustre compared to what had come before. But then again, there's always this gem. "Him who knows that I know what he seeks to know, knows it well while he who knows not, knows not what I know or know not."


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Another one that was mentioned and I had forgotten about. D-Day and taking the beach. This was another huge step up in graphics and audio for me at the time. The sense of "holy shit I don't want to move from this spot" was crazy. I think I remember seeing Saving Private Ryan maybe shortly after this? And thinking holy crap this is EXACTLY like the game.. Did they copy off the game? Did the game copy off the movie? This is amazing.

I love that level as well. IIRC Medal Of Honor was created by Spielberg and Allied Assault features a lot of direct quotations to Saving Private Ryan, Omaha Beach being the most intact. The Bridge multiplayer map is also another great quotation.

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Ghost Trick, Ace Attorney (all of them), the past two Saints Rows, Mass Effect 2, The Walking Dead, and the ending of Assasin's Creed II?

#67 Posted by supermonkey122 (1007 posts) -

Uncharted 2: - Opening train scene

COD4 - Sinking ship level at the beginning. First time ever playing a PS3 and I was amazed.

Gears of War - First 360 game I ever played. Walked in to my best friend's room to see him sitting there with a brand new xbox 360. I almost jizzed my pants.

Jak and Daxter - My first PS2 game back when I was like 6. I had only played the Sega Saturn before I got a PS2, and as you could imagine, the graphics blew me away, and the gameplay was a ton of fun too.

Ratchet and Clank - Played when it came out at the same friends house as Gears of War. My first T rated game.

Jak 2 - After the lighthearted original game hearing Jak talk and the characters curse was a big culture shock

Saints Row The Third/4 - All the crazy shit you do in those games.

The Last Of Us - The graphics and the amazing writing

The Walking Dead - First form of media to ever make me cry

God Of War 3 - The graphics and Titan boss fight

Mass Effect 2 - Opening scene.

There are many, many more.

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First seeing and playing a Nintendo (Super Mario Bros.), PS1 (Tekken) and N64 (Mario 64) were the first three woah moments from my childhood.

#69 Posted by slyspider (1503 posts) -

Journey, Persona 3, and Muramasa The Demon Blade

#70 Posted by bdhurkett (111 posts) -

I'd probably agree with half the games posted already (Spec Ops best for plot woahs), but instead of repeating - Terran Conflict was the first game in the X series that I played, and flying up to a space station and realising how massive it was compared to the (miniscule) starting ship, let alone getting out and comparing it to my tiny suited body, was pretty awe-inducing. And then later, flying into another sector and discovering an (unscripted) enormous battle going on, with huge ships and what seemed like dozens of fighters and lasers and rockets and none of it had anything to do with me. I imagine people who play EVE - or maybe any MMO? - have experienced the same kind of thing.

Come to think of it, I think I probably had similar opinions when I played Freelancer some years before, both in terms of the scale and the plot, if lessened because (a) the graphics frankly weren't THAT amazing and (b) I ended up cheating and rushing through the storyline instead of playing properly.

Perhaps also Red Orchestra, less from any single moment or experience but how kills and deaths felt somehow more "meaningful" than the other FPS games I'd been playing at the time. Then later, when I discovered Arma, I was used to that but still amazed by the scale of the map.

#71 Posted by anbilow (166 posts) -

The reveal in Bioshock.

Fez in general.

#72 Edited by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

I'll just pick one. Mario 64. There had been nothing like it before. It changed the whole industry.

#73 Posted by DevourerOfTime (562 posts) -

Just a few that I can think of in the last few years.

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening - Multiple, multiple times. Mostly about little gameplay moments, tweaks, and changes and realizing just how big of a task the localization was, especially with the support conversations.
  • Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies - It seems obvious to mention it. This whole series is built on "woah" plot twists. Dual Destinies had a lot less than expected, but the last case sorta made it up for it. Sorta.
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Once. During a gameplay mechanic at the very end and how you have to stumble upon it. Unfortunately, I wish the rest of the game was worth that amazing moment.
  • The Stanley Parable HD - I played the original, so a lot of the impact was dulled. But there were a few moments where I was taken aback by the breadth of paths and their individual absurdity.
  • Samurai Gunn - The way this game handles its "overtimes" is as beautiful as it is tense. These are some of the defining moments of Samurai Gunn and testaments to the game's overall quality.
  • Bioshock Infinite - The ending of this game is a freight train. I could explain to you for hours the many, many reasons why I disliked Bioshock Infinite, but its ending was something else.
  • Gravity Rush - I get the hairs on the back of my neck standing up whenever I play this game. I just love the basic feeling of traversal, something very few sandbox games get right. The game is not the easiest to control, which is pretty fitting considering the nature of Kat's powers, but when it all comes together it's a great little "woah" gameplay moment every time.
  • Saints Row IV - Much like Gravity Rush, I had a whole bunch of a "woah" moments while just running around. It's so damn fun and there were a lot of times where its flexibility made me sit back and say "woah, I can't believe I just did that." Also, the Transformers: The Movie "One shall stand. One Shall Fall" scene recreation had me freaking out a little more than I should have.
  • Saints Row: The Third - Damn this game has some fantastic set pieces and mission designs.
  • The Witcher 2 - The End of the second Act left me with a revelation and a decision that was not easy and I actually had to pace around the room to both a) comprehend what just happened and b) weigh the outcome of my actions very, very carefully. Moral choices are usually black and white or, at the very least, easy to make based on your own moral compass as a player (or as whatever you imagine your version of Geralt to be like). This was a moral choice that truly had no right outcome for me. And for a medium that fucking loves it's moral choice moments and claiming them as "difficult", this was the first time it was ever true.
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengence - Every single boss fight when the vocals kicked in. I love it when games have dynamic audio based on what is happening and Revengeance handled it pretty much perfectly.
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - I'm a huge nerd when it comes to the lore in the Warcraft series. I've become incredibly invested in that universe after playing those games for nearly two decades. So while it might not have been a a big deal for most players, the ending cinematic for Mists of Pandaria, especially from the Horde perspective, had me in a bit of shock.
  • Zero Escape - Both games. 999 gives you a few big huge gut punches, becoming more rapid and stronger as the game reaches its conclusion. Virtue's Last Reward, however, just leaves you with rapid-fire, but lower impact, "woah" moments that simultaneously forces you to stop playing and urges you to keep playing.
  • Thirty Flights of Loving - The song that plays during this scene is called "The Moment." Very, very fitting.
  • X-Com: Enemy Unknown - Sometimes I would step back while playing and just analyze how much tension, how much stress, how much investment this game is forcing on its players just through its game design. Then, after an extended "woah", I realize this is why I entered game development: To make something like this.
  • Journey - The slide scene. Duh.
  • Spec Ops: The Line - The whole game is pretty much a "woah" moment. You're just mouthing different sounds of the "woah" as you get deeper in.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - The ending has a huuuuge "woah" moment that has made the wait for the localization of the second chapter of this trilogy excruciating.
  • Mass Effect 3 - It was a bad "woah." The game rubbed me the wrong way almost the entire way through the game, but when the credits started scrolling, I couldn't help myself from letting out a "woah, what?" at just how bad it ended.
  • Every Fighting Game - When you get so deep into a fighting game that you start not just attending tournaments, but running them too, you think you've seen it all. But whether it's watching the best players on stream, goofing around in practice mode, or having someone at the tournament yell "hey, check this out", there is a never ending stream of "woah" moments that you come across, even if it's something as small as El Feurte being able to follow up Propeller Tortilla with a standing light kick in the corner (yes, that's a thing).
#74 Posted by Capshot (50 posts) -
  • The ending of Bioshock Infinite.
  • The ending of Portal 2.
  • When you first hear Zia's theme, and when you hear Zulf's theme in Bastion.
  • The ending of the original inFAMOUS.
  • The Good Ending of inFAMOUS 2 (I know everyone seemed to react stronger to the "Evil" ending, but that speech at the end of the "Good" one gets me every time.)
  • When "I Need a Hero" plays in Saints Row: The Third.
  • The end of Episode 4 of the first season of The Walking Dead (game).
  • The latter third-or-so of 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, and pretty much the entirety of Virtue's Last Reward.
#75 Posted by Broomhitches (178 posts) -

Bioshock- The beginning and the plot twist.

MGS Snake Eater- That entire game blew my mind

Mass Effect 1- The enormity, story, the choices

Mass Effect 2- The opening sequence and gameplay

Skyrim- Roaming the world freely and wrecking shit

TES Oblivion- One of the first Xbox 360 games I played. It was also my introduction to TES.

#76 Edited by Sinusoidal (2155 posts) -

The first PS2 game I ever played was God of War after taking a 4-5 year hiatus from video games. It was one hell of a step up from PS1 fare. The hydra fight is still one of my top-ten video game moments. I played the first level a good half dozen times over before I bothered to get any further in the game.

#77 Edited by benspyda (2109 posts) -

The latest one for me was in NG+ in Dark Souls 2 when The Duke's Dear Freja climbs up the side of the mountain and attacks you. Was not expecting that encounter, it made me yell out holy shit!

Like people have said MGS 3 was loaded with OMG moments that had never been done in video games before. Most of the those playable sequences with buildings collapsing etc. in Uncharted 2 blew my mind.

#78 Edited by Jeust (11365 posts) -
  • Silent Hill 2 and 4 - the latter twists were really mindblowing;
  • Deadly Premonition had also a fantastic ending;
  • Dead Space 1, when you get used to the controls and let the atmosphere sink in;
  • Bioshock Infinite, when you get used to Columbia, and see it as a fully realized city, and also the fantastic ending;
  • Infamous 2 and its fantastic beginning;
  • Nier and its mindblowing and mindbending plot, that encompasses the game, the ending of another one and also a book, needing contact with all these things to get to know the story for what it is: awesome!

#79 Edited by Turambar (7127 posts) -
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Also, experiencing a Titan bridge in EVE Online for the first time was pretty amazing.

#80 Edited by Village_Guy (2749 posts) -

I don't really go like... Woah. But there still is some memories that stick with me.

The nuke in Call of Duty 4.

Pretty much everything about the world of World of Warcraft at launch.

Halo 3, for igniting my love for Halo - after I finished it I ran out and bought Halo and Halo 2 and played the hell out of them too.

Age of Empires 2 and Warcraft 3, both for immersing me in their RTS worlds.

#81 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5167 posts) -

The third act of Metal Gear Solid 2 blew my 14 year old mind. I had never played Metal Gear Solid (I had an N64) so a lot of the allusions to the first game were lost on me, but the third act of MGS2 gave me massive wood all the same.

#82 Posted by McDayman (113 posts) -

I don't often play games when they're new, so these days I miss out on a lot of the surprises, but here's a few I remember from over the years.

Braid: There were a few "whoa" moments in realizing the solutions to some of the puzzles. Then the big one came at the end of the final level. I got there, wandered and jumped on everything I could for a solid 2 minutes trying to figure out what was up, then hit a certain button, and "holy shit!"

Ogre Battle 64: This is an odd one, and I may be the only person that said "whoa" to what is a pretty standard twist in games these days, but it being my first real jrpg experience, I was totally caught by surprise. It happens somewhat early on when you stumble upon some shit and end up switching sides in the conflict.

Super Mario World: When I figured out how to beat Bowser and actually pulled it off, I about lost it. It was the first "use the enemies to kill the boss" scenes I had fought and felt so completely rewarding. SMBW is not terribly hard, but I was young and didn't beat very many games. I'll definitely always remember that one.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: This whole game is fantastic, but the ending really got me. It isn't the most surprising resolution, especially for a time travel story, but it was so masterfully told throughout that I couldn't help but get a little choked up at the end. Still one of my favorite 3D games.

#83 Posted by OriginalYellow (148 posts) -

Maybe someone will know what I'm talking about at least if not share this moment, but in Warcraft three the custom maps blew my goddam mind with how robust and creative they were. If I had to pick one it was the time everyone was obsessed with helms deep, such epic scale and creative use of the games tools.

Also I'll throw left 4 dead in there as well, seminal coop moments all around.

#84 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

Maybe its the huge amount of sleep deprivation but i just realized this thread is a giant Yu Gi Oh pun!

#85 Posted by Wrighteous86 (3876 posts) -

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, when Darth Revan takes off their mask.

#86 Edited by BRich (444 posts) -

KOTOR, Braid, FEZ, Mass Effect 1, Portal 1

#87 Edited by amalager (18 posts) -
  1. Dragon Nest
  2. Blade & Soul
  3. Revelations Online
  4. Eclipse War Online
  5. Black Desert
  6. Tera Online

#88 Edited by SSully (4614 posts) -

Journey. I cannot name a game that with such great pacing, use of music, or with an emotional build up as perfect as Journey. The game is a master piece through and through.

#89 Edited by Blommer4 (220 posts) -

Last one I remember is Bioshock Infinite. I just felt so fucking immersed in that game, the whole experience was basically a big "WOW" for me. It is also the last game I remember being interested enough in to finish the entire thing in one sitting. God I miss playing that game for the first time...

#90 Posted by -Cipher- (118 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption's ending was it for me, didn't expect that to happen.

#91 Posted by Rebel_Scum (873 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption - as a whole, not just the ending

Skyrim - Being in a dungeon and looking for loot and in the span of three seconds I hear some footsteps behind me, and just when they got louder they got faster and faster. I turn around and its a Draug skeleton. Gave me the shits.

GTA IV BoGT - Smoking weed for the first time in two years and playing that. I hopped into my parked sports car and went for a drive and crashed after about 500m. The force of the impact literally made me go "woah."

#92 Posted by BambamCZ (152 posts) -

Persona 3 ("true" ending): I think this one was THE big "woah" moment for me. They way they have you watch the character essentially pass away just before his friends make it to the roof after just remembering what they went through together and saving the world. Hell even the day after the fight with Nyx is relentless as you try to talk to characters alongside whom you have spend about 70hrs fighting and they can't even recall why you live in the same dorm.

Silent Hill 2 (Water ending): One of the most depressing and emotional moments I've witnessed in a video game... the letter that is being read during this ending was just brutal assault on the player's feels. When the credits rolled, it was definitely a "woah" I uttered.

TES IV: Oblivion : Just the moment when you stepped out from the sewers for the first time and saw the vast world and many directions you could go. It was one of my first PS3\X360 games so it did impress me immensely.

Shadow of the Colossus: Nigh every colossus made me go "woah" when going through the game for the first time. The scale, music and game design make it an incredibly impressive game to play even on the PS2 HW.

#93 Posted by greeny_uk (11 posts) -

Off the top of my head, the moment in Bioshock Infinite when you first arrive in Columbia. The almost harsh piano sounds of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and your first view of the city was absolutely astounding.

#94 Posted by Svenzon (795 posts) -

Daggerfall had quite a few for me:

  • Finally getting out of Privateer's Hold and running across the land until I found a nearby village. I could almost feel how relieved my character was when I finally checked into an inn and rested for 12 hours. Then I tried to walk to the town where Lady Brisienna was waiting. I think I gave up after 2½ solid hours of walking. The next day a friend told me about the fast travel system.
  • Encountering a Vampire Ancient deep down in some underground labyrinth. I killed her and felt like such a badass. The next time I rested my character had a horrible nightmare and woke up as a vampire. It was both a "Whoa!" moment and a "Holy shit, what's happening?!" moment. I spent a few in-game weeks trying to survive as a vampire, and had fun doing so.
  • Exploring Scourg Barrow and meeting the King of Worms. That place was pretty fucking frightening.
  • And of course creating my own, ridiculously powerful spell and completely obliterating enemies with it.
#95 Edited by Contrero (118 posts) -

Shadow of the Colossus hands down.

#96 Edited by moondogg (262 posts) -

I can remember puttering around the bend of a river canyon in Farcry 2, and coming head on with a sunset and literally said 'whoa'. Rest of the game wasn't up to that moment, but mang it was pretty as hell for those few seconds.

And I' never played it but watched the ER of it. Persona 4. Nanako. You know the bit. I never thought I'd get any sort of attachment to that character. What with me being dead inside. But by the end. That little scamp.

#97 Edited by Capum15 (5103 posts) -

There are way too many to list all of them, but I can list a few.

The intro/first mission of Company of Heroes, how, while noticeable, it transitioned so smoothly from cutscene to gameplay as the landing boats headed towards the beach.

Basically all the Halo games. Call of Duty 4 had some great moments too.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Euphoria Physics. The trailers with the car shifting weight as it turned, the dude being...shotgunned? down the stairs...I spent hours just pushing people down the subway stairs, or jumping out of cars at high speed, when that game came out.

Going into each of the main cities in World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 also gave me some pretty good moments.

And I'll just put Sins of a Solar Empire and X3: Albion Prelude / Terran Conflict on here simply because spaaaaace. I love space games.

#98 Posted by miko1222 (238 posts) -

Bioshock Infinite, nuff said.

#99 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3551 posts) -

Ico, Heavy Rain, Full Spectrum Warrior, Uncharted 2, and Journey. There are some moment in other games like when the bomb goes off in Modern Warfare that are "holy shit", but a 'whole game of holy shits' are the ones above. There are some game where I wonder if I had played them if they would be 'holy shits' for me...but I don't know so I won't say them.

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Replaying COD 4 Modern Warfare, I just witnessed the nuke going off.

I remember being a 16 year old back on 07 seeing that nuke go off, at 5 a.m. before I had to go to school... There's your 'woah' moment right there.

What is it about MW that makes it so good, so UNIQUE, compared to the 50 stupid titles that followed it?