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You guys ever go back to a game that you haven't played in so many years and used to remember having a tough time with it? A lot of RPG games start to come to mind like Super Mario RPG, I remember the bosses being way fucking hard but after playing through it recently I had a really easy time with it. I guess maybe I understand the RPG mechanics better this time around? Same goes for the first Golden Sun on GBA. The only other non RPG game that was easier than what I remembered are the Crash Bandicoot games.

What about you guys?

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Mega Man X.

Man, that game was really hard for me as a kid. Over the summer I burned through it in an afternoon.

EDIT: I also tried to burn through Donkey Kong Country 2 in an afternoon. Yeah, right, that game is fucking hard.

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All of them?

It used to take me months to get through the likes of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR, and Super Mario Bros 3. Now, I can beat the former two games in seconds, and Mario 3 in a few hours (although that last world is still toughhhhh).

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@believer258 Yeah, the Donkey Kong Country games are all kinda fucked at points. I still have a really hard time getting through the first one, especially the ice world.
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All of them except RPGs, I guess. I replayed those games and they were somehow relatively easier. I sucked at video games back then. I mean, I'm still terrible at games, but I'm slightly better at it than I was before.

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The original Final Fantasy kicked the shit out of me when it came out, but I played it again about 5 years ago and blew through it without much trouble.

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All of them. Took all my concentration to get through Mario Bros or Donkey Kong Country as a kid. Now games aren't really hard.

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Main example for me would definitely be the Spyro PS1 trilogy- all three of em. Some of the bosses in Spyro 2 and 3 were ESPECIALLY difficult for me as a kid. (Gulp in Spyro 2, Scorch in Spyro 3)

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I never beat a single NES game when I was a kid. Never. Completely impossible for me at the time. 20 years later I'm blowing through as many old NES games as I can get my hands on! ...That was until my NES crapped out last week. Time to get a new 72 pin connector thingy!

More specifically; I was never able to get more than a few levels into Mario Bro's before losing all my lives. Now I can fly through it in like 15 minutes!

I never got more than 2 or 3 levels into the Sega Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog games. Now I can beat 1,2,3 + Sonic and Knuckles easy.

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Solomon's Key

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Just about everything on NES. When I was young I couldn't tell that TNMT was any harder than or Metroid or Castlevania because everything killed me always in all games.

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@AndrewB said:

All of them?

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I find a lot of games easier now, but on the same token I find I have a lot less patience for things that are really hard, especially if they are unfairly hard. As a kid I got maybe a game every three months or so, so I had to make those games last. Now with the advent of Steam sales I have more games than I'll ever be able to play so I can pick and choose the ones that excite me the most and ignore the ones that frustrate or bore me. I honestly don't remember about beating Mario. I never had a console as a kid (parents were against them) so my first experience with Mario outside of occasionally playing it at friends' houses was the GBA remakes. By then I was already in my teens though. Still, having never owned a console as a kid a lot of console games were really hard for me when I started buying my own games and consoles as a teenager while a lot of PC genres that console gamers today have trouble with are really easy to me. After playing early strategy games like Warcraft, Age of Empires, and turn based ones like Heroes of Might and Magic and Warlords, today's strategy games are a joke to me. Only way I ever beat the original Warcraft was using the included unit editor to make my units pretty much invincible. Now those were the days. When you could open a random file and give your unit infinite health and armor. Now Blizzard games are tucked behind lock and key. But damn that first game was ridiculously hard.

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I actually just finished Link's Awakening. Used to take me weeks, beat it in like 3 days. As long as you pay attention that game is really, really easy. And super short.

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E.T for the Atari 2600

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I sucked at games when I was a kid (I'm marginally better now). So...

@Yummylee said:

@AndrewB said:

All of them?

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Dishonored was quite difficult back in the day.

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I remember having a hell of a time getting through Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, and Mega Man X. Now? No problems (although there are still certain levels in the Donkey Kong Country series that are tough).

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What about the games that get harder as you get older? LOL

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@Picard said:

What about the games that get harder as you get older? LOL

Counter-Strike. I used to be maybe possibly able to hold my own in real competitions. Now, I just don't have the reflexes and I'm out of practice.

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Age wise I have found strategy games have gotten easier as I've gotten older, but other than that I still suck hard at puzzle games and button mashing games (Never finished Prince of Persia 2008 because of the button mashing). Personally I find my taste in games has changed, therefore my skills have changed. For example I use to be a monster in the fast paced Call of Duty FPS' , but now my skills have definitely deteriorated as I turn towards slower paced games.

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I find I have a hard time with loud and crazy games as I get older. I just want to chill out now to a more relaxing experience. Most of the shooters these days have too much going on for me to handle. Had to stop playing Vanquish because of it. Started playing Wario Shake It instead.

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@Yummylee said:

@AndrewB said:

All of them?

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Earthworm Jim. What the Heck and Down the Tubes always fucked me.

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Any that involved a lot of reading to figure out what to do were difficult for me as a child because I didn't want to read all that bullshit. I can't think of any games that were more challenging gameplay-wise, though.

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Heh as a kid i recall not being able to finish the first Command and Conquer, some missions were just beyond me.

My multitasking, attention span, grasp of game mechanics and planning ability were just not up to the task at 8 years old.

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i'd say all of them? I finished ff8 again like 2 years ago and I could not understand why I died so much as a kid.

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It's the other way around for me. Games which I breezed through as a kid (Super Mario Bros. for example) I'm not even close to beating now. I died on 1-2 last time I played Mario on the NES. Not to mention Probotector (Contra)... how the fuck did I ever get even close to the end of that game?

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The last level of Earthworm Jim, hovering through all those spikes. Never got through it.

Also, that underwater level on the first TMNT for the NES. Eff that level...

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Pretty much all of them. About 5 years ago when I got back into gaming after about 5 years of not really being able to play games, I threw in Theme Hopsital for kicks. When I was a kid I could never get past about level 5 or so without cheating. As an 18 year old I zoomed through the whole game in about 3 days.

It basically kick-started a huge wave of playing games from my childhood that I'd found difficult: the original Baldur's Gate - I'd never managed to get past the Cloakwood Mines without cheats. Then I went to the Icewind Dale games, which I'd never managed to go through even the first dungeons without cheating. I guess with those infinity engine games it's just a case of the fact that as a child I'd never really picked up on the tactical element of the combat, I'd just clicked on stuff. My biggest breakthrough was realising that at level one, Magic Missile is totally useless; you'll always be able to buy it later on when it's useful, and AOE status effect spells like sleep give you a lot more bang for your spellbucks. Also just working out how to effectively delegate combat roles.

Rollercoaster Tycoon also came back out. Much like Theme hospital, I suppose, I found it far easier (although I hadn't been too bad at it as a kid, to be fair). As I got older I just had a better sense of economics, I suppose, which I suppose you do sort of learn as you start having to manage your own money. I'm also a lot better at managing the economic side of 4X games and the Total War games because of this, I think.

With that said, there are games that didn't change at all, either because I was always good at them (Deus Ex) or because I still haven't got the hang of them (RTS games, mostly). I don't know what it is about RTS games but I've just never really been good at them. I think it's partly because I like to think tactically when I see that kind of interface, but RTS games are a lot more about efficiency, and speed and using hotkeys and stuff? Unit placement and stuff like that doesn't matter too much (agains the computer, at least. I've never really played much pvp in RTS games.)

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@Picard said:

What about the games that get harder as you get older? LOL

I was about to say, the majority of the games I was great at as a kid I could never hope to do today. I beat Mega Man 2 and 3 as a kid. I tried again like 5 years ago; no fucking way is that ever going to happen again.

I remember survival horror games being way harder for me as a kid. I couldn't understand tank controls, and now I prefer having 3D control to 2D in any fixed camera game.

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The Pokemon games have stayed the same for me after playing some of Blue again which isn't really any surprise. Unfortunately any future version continues to be easier for me cuz I continue to transfer my dudes into the next version which I've done since Blue version all the way to Black.

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Games don't get easier, they get harder. I honestly don't know how I beat the first Resident Evil on the PSX. I tried doing it again recently (wow, it's been 16 years) and I fucking suck at that game. RPGs are of course easier, but everything that isn't a shooter just seems 100x harder.

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I'm usually surprised at how good I am at Mario these days. I remember being really impressed with myself if I could even make it half-way through a Mario game, and now I can sit down and beat them no problem. I'm not even sure what changed, because it's not like I've been playing 2d platformers all the time since then.

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I played Final Fantasy VIII (my first venture into the series, and my favorite to date.) when it first came out, so I must have been about 10. It fucking blew me away with the mechanics and made me feel incompetent. I got bettter with RPGs over the years and went back to it about 2 years ago and had a much easier time.

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@believer258 said:

Mega Man X.

This. Sigma nearly killed my controller.

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All games, for obvious reasons.