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Awesome. Metroid Prime's on my list too. But I'd start with Uncharted 2 & 3; they're relatively short and the online community wont be around forever.

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I loved the metroid prime series especially the first game when it was released. Mass effect consecutive playthrough should be awesome. I might recommend you skip borderlands 1 because the sequel makes the first game a bit redundant and nothing important really happens storywise in the first.

Thats a lot of games to play in one month.

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i own metroid prime 1&3.i reallly need to get around to playing those

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Skip Metroid Prime Hunters. Completely. Like, don't play it. It's not worth it. It might have been fun on the N64, but it is not these days. I've never played Other M, but everything I've seen about it sucks.

The three main Prime games, though, are fantastic.

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@RedRavN: Yeah, maybe not in a month. I'm sure Mass Effect will be a month alone haha.