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While regaining my footing after the shocking news yesterday I decided to start to play games that he loved. I started with Saints Row the third and Pacman Championship Edition DX. are those good choices in anybody else's opinion.

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Good choices. Metal Gear Solid 4 was another game he strongly pushed for as GOTY 2008. I'm def going to revisit the Deadly Premonition ER

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According to popular gaming website GiantBomb(dot)com his favorite game was "Super Mario Bros. 3" ans his favorite Pokemon was Coffing.

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You could also look at his Top 10 videos for GOTY the last few years and check out the games you haven't played. I might do that. Kinda limited by platform though.

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I bought Saint's Row the Third this morning. It's easy to see why he loved it so much.

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Somehow, I never got around to playing SR3, despite wanting to. It's free on PS+ (or at least, it was when I downloaded it). Hoping to do a playthrough soon. I think the leader of the Saint's is gonna be named Taswell.

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I believe Super Mario Bros 3 was his favorite, so I added it to my bucket list.

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Ryan also loved Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Civ 5.

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Saint's Row the Third is still free for Playstation+ as of last week when i got it.

If anyone makes/ Has a made a decent Ryan character for SR3 please PM the slider numbers and what not. I'd love to have his virtual recreation wreak havok in my game but I'm not great at character creation

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Is Fable 2: Pub Games still available?

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I'm going to rewatch the Deadly Premonition ER. I've seen Vinny and Jeff's run three or four times but only saw Brad and Ryan's once.

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Also Just Cause and Just Cause 2.

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I'm gonna do an all koffing pokemon run through of maybe white 2.

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I believe he also really like Mark of the Ninja, Hotline Miami, Fez, Walking Dead (the real one of course)...

I wanna say Dust: An Elysian Tale (can't recall who really loved it, could have been Brad or Patrick. It was mentioned in one of the first Bombcasts I ever heard) and I'm sure he liked Sleepy Dawgs but was always dwarfed by Vinny's love for it.


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Pokemon Snap!!!

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Pokemon Snap!!!