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What are some good RPG games that are anime style, that have a lot of crafting in them?? Also there should be a shitload of things to craft. I liked that about tales of vesperia, and i've been trying to find another game like that.

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The Mana Khemia series  is almost nothing BUT crafting (and a kinda awesome combat system). If you can't find the PS2 games, there's a PSP port on the PSN.

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The witcher It is not anime style but still a great rpg with a nice crafting system.

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Star Ocean, Dragon Quest IX, and to an extent, the Disgaea series.  Others that kinda sorta have crafting in one way, shape, or form are Tales of Vesperia, Dark Cloud 1 & 2, and Rogue Galaxy.

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Atelier Rorona. It's anime style, and is based around making a ton of stuff through alchemy.

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Sorry, it was bound to be said eventually =p

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Atelier Rorona sounds almost exactly like what you described.