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So I recently played Renegade on the NES for the first time, and while I've played a lot of the other Technos games, such as River City Ransom and the Double Dragon games, for some reason this inspired me to find other beat em ups with this kind of attitude. I fear it's not really a popular concept though, since my search didn't really turn up any real results.

I guess I'm really just asking to see if anyone else knew any cool games with bad-ass greaser type dudes running around acting tough and beating the living daylights out of any other tough guys they meet. I'm also aware that there were a bunch more Kunio games in japan, but since I don't speak japanese, I found my enjoyment with these titles to be limited. Also I know they're not called greasers if they're japanese, I just feel that this is the most effective american analog I could think of. They behave the same way, and in river city ransom, they even dress like straight up greasers, a la "Outsiders". That's an awesome book by the way, and the movie was cool too. Anyway, I hope I got this idea across effectively, thanks for any and all help.

P.S. I'm not a violent person, while violence and crime is an attractive prospect in movies and games, I feel that in real life this couldn't be further from the truth.

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Greaser focused missions in Bully is kind of like this.

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@FluxWaveZ: Oh man, good call, that game has just the attitude I was thinking of, that kid is basically Holden Caulfield, it totally slipped my mind. I don't know what it is about troubled youths that I find so interesting, it's like, on the outside, they're just the kind of people you'd hate to be around, but then they break it to you why they act the way they do, and you feel bad for ever doubting their character. I mean, as long as they do more good deeds than bad, but most games give the hero more positive traits than negative ones, so it's not usually a problem. Thanks a lot!

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Move the hyphen and we get a whole new mental image.

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@Ravenlight: Haha, you know, I'm always up for a good ass-greasing, make it a bad one, well that's even better.

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Fallout 3 has some greaser-like characters in the Tunnel Snakes.