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 I liked -

  • Alone In The Dark - For Whatever reason I enjoyed the game, besides the end it was good.

I hate - 
  • SF4 - It's not the game more how limited it is. Arcade sucked besides unlocking more people, Online's terrible because of lag and everyone pick ken and ryu.
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I liked -
Lego Star wars / Indy - Fun, loads of stuff to collect, and I can play it with my kids.
I hate - 
SF4 - Played SF2 to death, 4 just didn't enjoy at all.
GTA4 - Honestly can't see the big deal with this game. For a game with Auto in the title you'd thing the driving would handle better, all the cars drive like they are on the fucking moon! And the reason the can't go any faster is because the game can't spawn the world quick enough and hold onto it's already shitty frame rate. That said my wife loves it.

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idk y but alot of people hated army of two and I loooove it! 
I think its a great game though I don't care for online much =]
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Tonic Trouble

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I liked-

  • Assassin's Creed - I loved the combat and all the climbing stuff was awesome.Plus the story was really cool.The open world stuff was really great too. I remember being really pissed at the EGM guys for giving it such a lousy review as it was an amazing game.
I Hated-
  • Grand Theft Auto (all of them, take your pick) - I've always felt these games were very over hyped.The shooting and driving suck, and that's what you do most of the time.I tried to give GTA4 a shot, but after 20 or more hours of "go kill somebody and come back/escape" I had to put an end to it.
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 I like 
prince of persia and I thought it was fun, everyone else called it repetitive or garbage. I can't think of any other game I like everyone else hates.
I hate 
Mgs4, I finished it at 5 hours and 53 minutes after I skipped all the cutscenes at my second play though. I really didn't find anything new and now the camera is only like splinter cell games. I know there are alot of mgs4 fans, however I don't feel like I need to explain myself and I belive there are too many cutscenes and I don't care about that. I don't know maybe I wanted more gameplay, I still think mgs3 snake eater is the best mgs game there is.

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I love Aquaman
I hate Superman

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I loved - Super Mario Sunshine
    I loved this game.  Many people hated it because Mario got a water pack and has to clean up the island.  I thought it was a fantastic game and probably my favorite game on the purple lunchbox.
I hated - Mass Effect
   There are many people who loved the game.  I really didn't care for it.  While the story is good, there is just something about the combat that I didn't like and I hated the dialog crap.  I guess I'm not really into western RPGs as I thought I was or maybe I'm just not a fan of BioWare games.  Who knows.

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Liked - Picross, in any way shape of form. I've heard a few times that people have no interest in these games, but I find them addicting.

Hated - GTA. Any of them. Sloppy driving, sloppy shooting, boring missions, bad framerates. It's sort of fun to just run around killing people and causing mayhem, but that gets boring after about 30 minutes and you wish you hadn't spent money on the game.

Also hated - Dead Rising. Well I didn't hate it, but I was seriously disappointed (and not because of the save system). I wanted a zombie game, but I got a game about lunatics in a mall, with really bad combat controls. Oh, and there's some zombies running around too. The most fun I had in DR was just killing zombies with different things, but the combat is so bad that I can't take too much of it. I'm really hoping DR2 has good combat and incorporates the zombies more in the main game.

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Liked- Alone in the Dark
           But only the first time I played it. I got to the end and had nearly the full 1000 but a gamertag error screwed me out of the point (long story). I tried to play it again but the flaws were just too much that time around.
Also Liked- Tenchu Z
           I played the demo and hated it, then found a bargin bin copy and thought I'd give it a second try and I loved it. I dont really know why though, its not a good game in any real way, but I could play that thing for hours.
Hated- MGS 4
           As much as the gameplay has improved, I still just can't get passed the retarded story and the dialogue. Also thoes dumbass Cow/Chicken Bio-tank things? Seriously how were they made more interesting by having them Moo and piss themselves at the end of each fight. You can't tell me they wouldn't have been better if they had just been some kind of mech. Same size, same abilities just without all the other crap. Also the very VERY end pissed me off.
*SPOILERS.............maybe...........not really*
Really? Another f**king monologue about war. Thats it?

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I liked: King Kong - Thought this was a great game. 
 I disliked: GTA IV - Games are just boring.

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I loved Big Rigs
I hated The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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-I really liked XIII.
-I really disliked the Halo series.

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Liked: Tenchu Z, Cy Girls, Evergrace
Hated: Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto, Fable II, Radiata Stories, Assassins Creed

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Alone in the dark [360], LOVE IT!
I did not like GTA4!

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Hate: anything Zelda, Halo, Deadspace, Final Fantasy, Gears of war...
Love: Farcry 2, Arma 2, Postal 2, Quake 4

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Dynasty Warriors (although I have no idea why), Quake 2, Doom 3. 
Two Worlds: I freely admit its broken as hell but the hilarious OTT voice acting and insane features like stacking armour made me love this trainwreck.
Oblivion: Seems to be tons of hate for this game, its not Morrowind but its still a fine game in its own right, especially Shivering Isles. 

Metal Gear Solid 4: Please just shut the fuck up and let me play the game.  The dialog is terrible, story itself is terrible so why make the most of the game stilted uninteresting cutscenes?
Final Fantasy Series: Can't get the love for these games, its basically the same story every single time with some new boring menu based battle system tacked on, I guess you could probably say I hate JRPGs in general.
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Race Pro, but i'm pretty sure that's just because I am mad about racing sims.