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Hey gang!

I listen to a lot of podcasts. When I'm not on my way to work and back or shopping or generally outside alone, I listen to them at home, obviously. When I first started doing that, I found it hard to just sit there and listen. So I looked through my Steam library for games that didn't require as much concentration, or a different kind of concentration.

The first game I found was Just Cause 2. I now have about 40 played hours, about half of the towns and military bases at 100% with maybe five story missions completed. Shortly after starting JC2, I also went back to Super Meat Boy and started to switch around between the two. I'm pretty much "done" with those games now. Next up was Trackmania United, which clocks in at 49 hours. Now I'm looking for suggestions.

Do you do the same? Which games you do play? Or do you have an idea for a game that would fit?

Do share!


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Anything with grinding. Grinded acheivments in GTA:IV while listening to the bombcast. Same with RDR.

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@fr0y0: I play Counter Strike Source, Gish or Lugaru HD as i listen to the Giant Bombcast
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I can only do casual games like Plants vs. Zombies or Uno. 

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Speaking of grinding.  I turn the volume way down on Torchlight (a game I was late to the party on) and listen to any number of backlogged podcasts. 

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Oblivion, Morrowind, Super Meat Boy

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I can't really do anything else while listening to podcasts. 
I've tried but before I know it the podcast has finished and I've missed most of it because I just space out doing whatever I'm doing.
It's why I usually save my podcast listening until I go to bed. I generally have trouble sleeping anyway and if I'm just gonna lie there for a couple of hours I might as well have a podcast going.

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Minecraft lately.

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Word of warcraft is a perfect podcast game, but I stopped playing that. 
Now it's mostly Pinball FX2 (on the 360), Dirt 2 or Bejewelled 3.

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World of Warcraft, leveled like 20 levels while listening to the Goty bombcasts this year.

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Whenever I decided it is time to play WoW again I go out and look for new podcasts just to listen to while playing it.

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Yeah, just yesterday I got my Platinum trophy on Darksiders while listening to previous years E3 Giant Bombcasts!
Also Demons Souls! On my whole second playthrough I was listening to The Hotspot starting from 2005. And now, if I ever listen to those podcasts again, I can clearly associate what they are talking about to very specific parts and situations on Demons Souls, which is kind of weird.

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MK is a good podcast game when you're just doing unranked matches with randoms.

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Like someone else said: Minecraft 
Also i find most sports games like Fifa are great, as the sound of commentators and balls getting kicked get old fast.
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Any fighter or shooter.

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I usally listen to the Bombcast on my way to and from college, but if I have to listen to it at home, Minecraft, Terraria or something without dialogue or music.

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I play any game that I dont care about story or know it aleady. Last time it was Vanquish and Dynasty Warriors 7.

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Anything that doesn't require attention or headphones.  When I play Counter-Strike I don't like listening to outside music or noise because I need to listen for footsteps but if I'm playing TF2 or other online games, sure.  Same thing goes for other games that don't require much attention like if I am hunting landmarks and collectibles in LA Noire (or similar activities in other games).

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Used to be WoW when doing dailies and stuff but I got that monkey off my back. 
FM2011 is my go-to podcast game, mainly because it doesn't have any sound.

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Back when 1up was still making podcasts worth listening to I almost always had City of Heroes running, or I was making maps in the hammer editor for Left 4 Dead. Now I tend to just listen to podcasts laying in bed.

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Uno, SSFIV online, Mortal Kombat online, Super Meat Boy, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and Dirt 3.

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Grinding in Final Fantasy XIII, grinding in Persona or I play Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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Anything mindless.

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I did a lot of podcast listening while I was in the tower in persona 3. Forza 3 single player was also good for podcast listening.

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Right now, Dirt 3.

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It was Just Cause 2 but it started crashing when I tried to play it. Sometimes I'll screw around against the AI in SC2. Lately though, I've been playing a ton of solitaire while listening to a podcast. 
WoW is the ultimate podcast game but I've freed myself from that existence.

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Guild Wars and Minecraft

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Currently, Fire Emblem.  Not exactly the best sound design in Fire Emblem games.

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Fifa 11 , clash of heroes 

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WoW, so much WoW.  I'm sure most any MMO would work too.  It's just WoW was the one I was playing.
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Oh yeah, Tetris.

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Grinding in Dragon Quest games or any other title where you can grind for some necessary but mundane additional XP. 

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I play any game that does not require my full attention (like L.A. Noire), so Prototype, inFamous, WoW, GTA, RDR, and most other open world games

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I guess any game without dialogue? I generally play NHL or FPS'.

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Ditto on the Just Cause 2, also anything with multiplayer. I turn down the volume in the game and put some podcast. Examples are SC2, TF2, BFBC2, LOL, among others.

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Any game that I am just working on trophies for or I have played before. I sometimes find it difficult to pay attention to the podcast while playing a multiplayer game so I usually try to avoid playing KZ3 or Uncharted 2.

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Most iPhone games are great to play with podcasts, although far too many apps don't let you listen to music while you play the game, which is pretty ridiculous.

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When I played WoW, I would listen to podcasts while not raiding. Recently, I've been able to catch-up on a backlog of episodes from several podcasts while playing Terraria.

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Picross 3D

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Trials 2

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I spent a lof of podcasts getting my S Rank in Trials HD. Nearly all of it on the ultimate endurance marathon.

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Guilty Gear and the Tested podcast don't mix. 
Monday Night Combat, UT3/2k4, Terraria, Civ V and Shogun 2 are some of my favorites, Borderlands and Just Cause 2 if I wasn't so bored of them.

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Anything where i dont have to listen to dialogue, but oftern Team Fortress 2 or other online shooters

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Minecraft usually. I also played a lot of Puzzle Quest 1 on my DS while listening to podcasts.
But pretty much any game that doesn't have (much) story or dialogue will do. Although actual puzzle games like Picross require too much of my attention, which makes me miss things said during the podcast.

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I sure do.

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I haven't had a good "podcast game" since Burnout Paradise. :[

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New Vegas for me right now, find it pretty easy to zone out to.

Also sorry for first failed post, darn mobile site. Will delete when I find a pc!

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MK9 is my current podcast game, before that it was random XBLA titles and screwing around in GTA4 or doing the challenge missions in Arkham Asylum.