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Magicka and Far Cry 2.

Magicka just wasn't that fun, but Far Cry was balls-out tedious. The respawning of the enemies at the checkpoints was literally the worst thing I have ever seen in a video game, ever. I say this because it was obviously a well produced game made by talented people with ample funding. Which is why it is such an utter embarrassment.

The people who enjoyed Far Cry 2 are the same people who would make for excellent gold farmers in China. Grind, grind, grind and repeat.

Fuck Far Cry 2

the things I like about Far Cry 2 have little to do with the gameplay (although the wide open environments and incredibly diverse play styles were solid). It really comes down to the story it told and its brutal depiction of mercenaries in the unstable regions of Africa, as well as their view of "freedom fighters" in the region. In the end it all boils down to money, and the only person looking out for the people is The Jackal, with some help from the player near the end.

It wasn't the most well told story, but I sure as shit appreciated the game tackling a serious subject.

Totally, the setting was fantastic. Buying weapons with blood diamonds, malaria, sinister warlords, just awesome. But it was all sealed away behind 15 checkpoints of instantly respawning African dudes with AK's. I couldn't do it, man, I just couldn't.

I keep meaning to trade in FC2 and i can't do it. I've gone back to it 2-3 times and keep putting it back down for one reason or another. Because there's seeds of greatness here. I love how the landscape reacts to you, little things like walking through underbrush and seeing "my" hand as I hold the map. Weapons jamming and the way fire moves thru the vale, trees blooming into flame.

All that good is murdered by two massive flaws- the infamous checkpoints and the overall tediousness of getting from Point A to Point B on the map. Those are huge handicaps for an open world game, and what will probably keep me from ever competing it.

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Buying the Guitar Hero 3 bundle during black Friday. It's was $80 dollars and I thought I would get a lot of mileage out of it. Played it for a month and was kept in my closet for three years. Ended up donating it to Good Will. The consequence of making an impulse purchase.

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It was Street Fighter X Tekken for me too. My gaming Phantom Menace.

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Have to go with rogue squadron 2 for gamecube. On foot section... Nuff said.

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SSX. Looked great in all the reviews I saw but just never got into it. Have played maybe an hour if that much.

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Saints Row the Third. I thought the gameplay was so god damn boring. Yea some crazy shit happens, but that wasn't enough to make it a decent game for me. The driving, the shooting, everything just felt like shit.

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The only game I've regretted buying was Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Hopefully that will be the only one.

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Warp and Skullgirls both were pretty instant regrets.

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NBA 2K12, I watch no basketball and don't really like basketball, I saw it on sale and thought hey why not.

I got rid of it though and made more money back on trade in which I suppose made it all worth it.

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first day purchase of Prototype, game was awful, also the missus at the time bought me the terminator game as a surprise.

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Turok Evolution. Was such a huge fan of the first game on N64! I really bought the Gamecube mostly for this game, only to be greeted by shovelware. Half baked shovelware. Painful what happened to that series...

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For me it'd be SWTOR. It's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, and I mostly enjoyed the time I spent with it (1 month), but I just don't like Star Wars enough. I've seen maybe one of the movies and have no affinity for the franchise so I lost interest quickly. I wish I could sell my account to someone, even for cheap, because I know I'll never go back to it.

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I used to get caught out like you guys a lot when I was a kid, but since lovefilm came along, I rent pretty much all games now. that said I recently got caught out by Beyond Good and Evil HD. Now I'm sure it's a very good game but unfortunately I'll never know, you see I play inverted controls and BG&E inverts not just the Y axis but the ENTIRE RIGHT STICK. So yeah, thanks Ubisoft, next time maybe hire at least one guy who played console games BEFORE Halo. Just a thought.

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Tomb Raider angel of Darkness I bought it instead of going camping with my friends and that was a big mistake.

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Madden 12 for PS2. I had Madden 07 and NCAA 07 and felt like getting a new football game. Man is it bad, WAY worse than the 07 games.

And surprised that guy had LA Noire as one of his most regretted purchases because that remains as one of my ALL TIME favorite purchases!! I got it for like 9 bucks (THE COMPLETE EDITION) on Steam and absolutely loved it.

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I payed full price for Far Cry 2... You could light the grass on fire and shoot the branches off of the bushes!!!!!

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Out of the couple dozen PS3 games I own, Bayonetta is the only misfire that I quickly traded away (For Dead Rising 2, we'll see how that goes)

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I payed full price for Far Cry 2... You could light the grass on fire and shoot the branches off of the bushes!!!!!

Holy shit. I payed £5 for it and it felt like a waste of money.
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The Simpsons Game on PS3 - No trophies, already 1000/1000 on 360, awesome game, mad they canned the sequel.

Crackdown 2 - boring as shit, I gave it a shot though.

Def Jam Rapstar - I don't even like rap but couldn't pass up that $5.00 new from Best Buy. I still regret it.

Def Jam Icon - worst fighting game this gen, seriously.

Leisure Suit Larry BOB - I liked MCL but this was a goddamn tragedy. Only spent $3.00 but still.

A ton of downloadables for PSN/XBLA - a lot of them.

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I bought the collectors edition of Force Unleashed 2. I loved the first one despite it's problems and thought how could they go wrong with this one, just make a less repetitive version of that and boom...

And also pretty much every XBLA and PSN game I've bought.

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Heavy Rain

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That Casper game for PS1

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Dead Island. To be honest I really liked the concept and enjoyed what little of the game I played. It just didn't pull me in. I think I was expecting something closer to Fallout than Borderlands. Someone needs to get on that. A story-driven, open-world survival horror game is something I would be all over so quickly.

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Mass Effect 2 DLC on PC. It's not a matter of whether or not the DLC was bad but the fact that Bioware's really shitty DLC system on PC is broken(at least it was for me). The Cerberus Network pass didn't work when I first activated it which meant that I couldn't play the DLC I paid for. I had to go through EA's customer service twice to get it working which by the way isn't exactly the easiest thing to find on Bioware's site. Then after I did a clean install of Windows, I reinstalled it and the same exact issue occurred. I'm really surprised Steam allowed that to be on the store since the reason Crysis 2 was banned from steam was due to DLC being sold on a third party.

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My answer is Far Cry 2 as well. I wanted that game to be good. I was legitimately hyped for it. The rest of the game was so great, but the check points literally ruined that game for me. That is the worst game design choice I've ever seen. Someone had to implement that and think, "Yeah, this will be fun."

Superman 64 was a worse game, but Far Cry 2 was far more disappointing. I regret buying it so badly.

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Lately, none. I've been very selective about the games I buy the last couple of years. Maybe some of them were average, but still fun to play.

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Uncharted 3 & Mass Effect 2

As I really liked the predecessors I was really disappointed by those ones and they even made me lose any interest on forthcoming games in those franchises... I sold both of those games, a thing which I normally don't do.

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Dungeon Siege III and recently I bought LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for the achievements on my computer only to find that it didn't work with Game for Windows Live, grrr...

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I never have really regret buying any games based purely on quality, but rather the price. What I mean by that is I have bought many games for full price and they turned out to be not worth the price. FEAR 3 for example. Regret buying that at full price.

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City at full price.

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I bought Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Man I was an idiot back then.

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the Xbox 360

was going to buy it for PS3 but a friend said he was getting it and wanted to play against me. He never bought it

Castlevania Harmony of Disonance on XBLA

Terrible game to play singleplayer on and none of my Xbox live friends bought it

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I bought The Baconing for 3 bucks during the recent indie game sale.


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These three spring to mind instantly;

H.A.W.X 2

Unlimited SaGa

In Cold Blood

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Minecraft for XBLA

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The first PS3 game that I bought, The Force Unleashed 2 for full price, what a bummer.

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Minecraft for XBLA

why would you do that?

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Dead Island. Loved the first area, hated everything else.

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Resistance: Fall of Man

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Soul Calibur 5... Even knowing beforehand that all of my favorite characters were taken out and that the roster had been significantly reduced that game still managed to disappoint me in just about every way it could.

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resident evil operation raccoon city.

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just cause 2, loved the demo, had a really hard time getting into it the real game. in fact i never did. Fallout: new vegas. Fallout 3 is in my top 3 games this gen. was super hyped for new vegas, booted it up, and after 15 minutes i got a bug that made all of my current quest fail. it killed the game for me and i never played it again. Vanquish, hear so much good about this game from a lot of people, saw it on games on demand for cheap. got it, and did not like it at all, except the super cool seen were SPOILERS: you come up an elevator and see the enemy having a dance party

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Far Cry 2 - extremely repetitive and somewhat boring. Actually, one of the most repetitive games I've played in years.

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Final Fantasy XIII. I wanted to like that game so much that I imported the Japanese version. After that bought the PAL one and when I didn't like the game I fooled myself into thinking the English voices were to blame so I got the Chinese version as well.

As it turns out after three times of chilling out the full price for the game I still did not play more than 5 hours into the game. It's a shame, but friends have told me the game gets better. I'll suppose I'll finish it to see what the fuss is about haha.

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Prototype and Saint's Row.

#148 Posted by Dylabaloo (1573 posts) -

Boderlands, got bored and barely played it.

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Record of Agarest War Zero and Hyperdimension Neptunia - the two worst JRPGs I have ever played.

TERA - was hoping it'd be different enough from other MMOs to be interesting but it definitely wasn't. Aside from the combat and graphics it's actually a huge step back.

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Ninja Gaiden 3. I should have known it was terrible when even IGN gave it a bad score, but alas, I was foolish.