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Yakuza 4, House of the dead overkill, Dragon's dogma, Tekken 6,Resident evil raccoon city,Vanquish,Atelier Meruru.

I'm in a phase where i tend to buy a bunch of stuff i may or may not be interested in due to having nothing financially to worry about, I also bought a Track Ir5 which ive only used once as well, and all of this is only recent stuff, everything mostly before 2012 i've been happy with.

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Gotham City Imposters. Game is alright, but it runs like shit on my PC for some reason. Which is (or at least was) a problem many people with seemingly powerful PCs had at launch. Haven't touched it since.

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I bought Magika on sale this weekend for 6.50 and that was a giant waste of money.

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@Dixego: Me too brother!

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I got Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts because I was bored, had spare cash and Brad pegged it as his personal GOTY. Played through the intro and haven't touched it since.

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Diablo 3. I was so disappointed I greatly reduced my gaming time since then, down to a couple Company of Heroes games a week with my brother. No attributes, no skill points, real money auction house, 4 difficulties branching from ridiculously easy to ridiculously hard -- meaning you get to play through the campaign four times with each character. Really?

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I'll echo the comments about Far Cry 2, not because it's a bad game, but a potentially great game wasted by poor design decisions. Besides the endless checkpoints, there's the constantly breaking weapons, bullet sponge enemies, spotty AI (either they can't see you sitting next to them or they start sniping you from a mile away through dense bush), a horrific in-game map, barely audible dialogue and a terrible tacked-on multiplayer.

No matter how good Far Cry 3 looks, I can't help but be skeptical because of my experience with Far Cry 2...

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Mass Effect 2.

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It doesn't happen that often as I can often see the good points of even terrible games, but the one I really regret buying was Modern Warfare 3. Not because I just want to hate on that series, but because I knew deep down the second I ordered it that I should have waited for a price drop. I went through the story once, and played about 2-3 hours of the multiplayer. It was by far the quickest I was done with one of those games.

It isn't even a bad game, but I do regret buying it at release.

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the last remnant most broken RPG ever

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@Oldirtybearon said:

@S0ndor said:

Magicka and Far Cry 2.

Magicka just wasn't that fun, but Far Cry was balls-out tedious. The respawning of the enemies at the checkpoints was literally the worst thing I have ever seen in a video game, ever. I say this because it was obviously a well produced game made by talented people with ample funding. Which is why it is such an utter embarrassment.

The people who enjoyed Far Cry 2 are the same people who would make for excellent gold farmers in China. Grind, grind, grind and repeat.

Fuck Far Cry 2

the things I like about Far Cry 2 have little to do with the gameplay (although the wide open environments and incredibly diverse play styles were solid). It really comes down to the story it told and its brutal depiction of mercenaries in the unstable regions of Africa, as well as their view of "freedom fighters" in the region. In the end it all boils down to money, and the only person looking out for the people is The Jackal, with some help from the player near the end.

It wasn't the most well told story, but I sure as shit appreciated the game tackling a serious subject.

Totally, the setting was fantastic. Buying weapons with blood diamonds, malaria, sinister warlords, just awesome. But it was all sealed away behind 15 checkpoints of instantly respawning African dudes with AK's. I couldn't do it, man, I just couldn't.

Those checkpoints kill that game for me. This is me grain anywhere:
-jump in jeep, drive, hit checkpoint
-jump in turret, shoot everyone
-repair jeep or switch jeep
-repeat over and over and over
-reach destination
I dont think I'm gonna be able to finish it.
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Beautiful Katamari. Bought it for $30 only to find 50% of the game is gated behind paid DLC. Freaking garbage.

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Oh, and Space Invaders Extreme as well as Bubble Bobble NEO. Both those games were just not fun at all.

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Mass Effect 2.@MuttersomeTaxicab: lol

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Skyward Sword. I got about half-way through it before being too bored to tears to continue.

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The first game that popped into my mind when I read this question was "The Getaway". I expected it to be so much better than it actually was. I remember trying to find corners just so I could lean against a wall and see my bloodstains on my suit just magically disappear as I healed. The minimalist HUD was a good idea when I read about it but hindered the game in the end.

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Pac-man but crack edition.

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@SmilingPig said:

Pac-man but crack edition.

That's quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Thanks.

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Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu for the Xbox. Only played it for about roughly ten minutes. Horrible goddamn game. Also, Fighting Force 2 for the Dreamcast was retched as well.

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Perfect Dark Zero

Yes, I bought it and was my first Xbox 360 game.

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@boocreepyfootdoctor said:

Thanks thread for reminding me of Far Cry Instincts. And from that, "The Suffering: Ties That Bind", Modern Warfare 2 was also disappointing after how great COD4 was; by that time the franchise had turned into a glorified Zynga cash grab.

I thought it was more Modern Warfare 3 for me that killed it. That’d be one.

The others would be Battleforge for the PC….yeah I have no clue, either….aaaand Blood Bowl…did you know that shit’s a board game?! Weird…ok I did know that, but I thought itd be better

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Superman 64 enough said

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@M_Shini said:

Yakuza 4, House of the dead overkill, Dragon's dogma, Tekken 6,Resident evil raccoon city,Vanquish,Atelier Meruru.

Utter insanity.

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Pretty much any current gen Madden game. Here's what they did: Took the extremely deep Madden games from the end of the previous generation (Madden 2005 was, IMHO, the pinnacle of the series), stripped out tons of features, made the gameplay worse, and made the commentary in the game laughably bad (actually, it really wasn't funny - just generic and useless). Then, to spit in gamers' faces even more, they started adding back in the features from the PS2 and original XBox era and pretending that these were new, groundbreaking innovations.

Unfortunately, Madden is the only show in town when it comes to NFL games so EA still got my money up until this year when I finally said "no mas." (Of course, EA still gets some of my money because I always order NCAA Football - another EA game that took several steps back when moving to the current gen but I find NCAA's flaws less abrasive).

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Just bought Lolipop Chainsaw. Wish me the best, guys.

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Recently? Max Payne 3, Dragon's Dogma, Resistance: Burning Skies, GTA IV PC, and a couple of others.

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@Totori said:

@RWBladewing said:

Record of Agarest War Zero

Yeah that game is fucking terrible. I fell for buying Idea Factory games like four times now. Never buy a game by Idea Factory or Compile Heart.

Oh I know, trust me, I know. They burned me twice and will never be getting another cent from me, "gameplay improvements" in the sequels be damned. I actually wish this game and developer were less obscure just so they could get the negative recognition and critical panning they deserve.

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@boocreepyfootdoctor said:

"The Suffering: Ties That Bind"

I thought I was the only one! This game taught me that sequel does not necessarily equal an experience even remotely similar.

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I got got the Darkness 2, I hate to say it but yeah...

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Wish I'd bought the PC version of Max Payne 3 instead of PS3 version. Didn't know at the time that I'd be receiving a Gaming PC so soon GODDAMMIT.

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Black Ops. Even the multiplayer was crap, and that's usually the only redeeming quality of a CoD game.

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Diablo III. What an utter piece of shit in almost every conceivable way. I bought into the hype like a fucking tool. I thought i was past that but guess not. It's a reminder to continue to be careful.

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Bad Company 2 for console. Between the horrible hit detection, poor balance, clumsiness of playing an FPS with a controller and the joy of getting stuck on little bits of geometry all the time it's very hard to enjoy playing that game.

Madden 12. Hadn't bought a Madden since 2007 and picked this up because I wanted a football game and it was $30 on sale. What a half-ass pile of garbage. EA clearly gives no fucks about consumers.

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Tekken 6 (and to a lesser extent SSFIV).

I like some fighting games, but my taste is more toward the less technical ones with RPG elements.... basically Soul Calibur.

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final fantasy mystic quest, kingdoms of amalur :reckoning, Quest 64, Marvel ultimate alliance 2, Tony hawk's underground 2, final fantasy 12, magicka and mario 2. I have probably purchased about double that, that i actually regret, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

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Was looking for that elusive "next big thing" in MMOs and bought the $50 or $60 box copies of Warhammer and Aion plus the month subscription and played like twenty minutes of each. Wised up with Rift and SWTOR because I knew the same thing would happen.

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The curse crusader, fuck that game. Be warn people do not buy that game. If you do anyway then atleast you was warned.

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Battlefield 3. Yes, I don't really trust modern shooters, but I was presented with the possibility of playing online with some friends, so I fell for it. Soon, however, I realized that I couldn't play with my friends for various reasons, and that the teams were POORLY (still an understatement) balanced

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I don't really regret buying any games to be honest.

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Ugh I didn't want to admit this but -- RE: Operation Raccoon City.

Pre-ordered and picked it up on day 1. The first time I played it, I had this gradual awful sinking feeling that this is a crap game but I pushed on, thinking that I'll get used to the controls, it'll get more fun, etc.

Yeh, wishful thinking.

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LA Noire

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@frankfartmouth: Awe I love Fester's Quest.... really you disliked it?

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@jakers11 said:

Pre ordered Brink in full months before its release. Worst decision ever.

I hear you, I bought Brink about an hour before it released to get the Pre-order bonus from Steam...man that was a bad decision. That is the most recent sting that has since made me wise up and wait for first impressions unless its something I know will be good (pre-ordered Skyrim about a week after it came up on Steam).

Here are a few other stings:

Devil May Cry 2:

N64 Mario Tennis

Evochron Mercenary ... I still want to try and go back to that one.

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@MrSlapHappy: MARIO TENNIS WAS GREAT! Well, in my young naivety I played it in a friends basement during the hottest summer I remember, drunk on pop. It could've been terrible for all I know but for those few weeks it was so fun.

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Guilty Gear Isuka. That game was extremely disappointing. It had a lot of interesting ideas for a 2-D fighting game (2 planes to fight on, 4 people playing at once, a customizable character) being brought down with poor execution (horrid boss, bad beat-em-up mode, a button to turn manually).

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X series of space flight sims on steam. I love Freespace 2 and I still search for a worthy successor. Those X games have to be some of the least user friendly games I've ever played. Even the tutorial makes me pull my hair out.