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It takes a lot for a game to make it to my do-not-sell list. As I usually get %50+ trade-in value at amazon, I find it reluctant to keep some of them. Typically I sell my shooters quickly.

My List:

- Demon's Souls (most likely Dark Souls as well)

- Uncharted 1,2

- Fallout 3

- Just Cause 2 (just for that fun sand-box game)

- Resistance: Fall of Man (First ps3 game, online was a blast = not selling)

- Oblivion

- Infamous 1,2

- Mortal Kombat

- Red Dead Redemption

- Bioshock

- Mario Kart DS (Must have put over a hundred hours in that game, and it still is fun).

That's about it really. By the looks of it, I like to keep the better of each genre. It was sad to see games like AC(series), GT5, GTAIV, R2, BF:BC2 go, but as a college student I need the extra cash.

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I keep all my games because I'm a game collector

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Skate 2, my favourite skateboarding game ever. The Saboteur cause it's worth almost nothing at most places and I really like the atmosphere of the game. Plus a bunch of games I can't sell because they are digital copies.

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The Prince of Persia(2008) I really love the game's art style. 

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Forza 2,3, and soon to be 4.




Too Human (I think I'm the only person who actually loves this game)

Halo: Reach

Lost Odyssey

Dead Rising


Fallout 3

Viva Piniata

Mass Effect


Disgaea DS

And of course every arcade and steam title because I can't sell those... Just sayin.

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all of them.

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Fallout 3 and New Vegas. There are only acouple of games each generation that I REALLY connect with.

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I don't sell games, gotta build dem stackz.

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Probably Portal 2, just because the game is amazing and i would want to replay it.

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I use to love collecting games and seeing a huge stockpile of them, and then I got married and money got tighter not living with my parents so I started trading and and selling my games for newer ones. So many regrets...

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I keep all games and have been doing so for the last few years. There have been too many times that I've bought a game again because I wanted to play it that I figured it's best to just keep them all just in case I ever want to go back.

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All of them. I regret selling off my GameCube collection to buy a Wii and I won't make the same mistake again.

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@KarmaPoliceman said:

All of them. I regret selling off my GameCube collection to buy a Wii and I won't make the same mistake again.

Ouch! I actually kept my Gamecube. Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Metroid Primes... Yeah that sucks man.

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I'd never sell any of my games.

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I only sell games that become bland after a few months.
Stuff like Black Ops, Modern Warfare, Mortal Kombat.
Once you played a lot of MP and did most of the SP stuff, it's just gonna rot in favor of another fighter/shooter anyway, might as well cash in.

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@firewrkninja said:

all of them.

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@DjCmeP said:

@firewrkninja said:

all of them.

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Mass Effect Collectors Editions 
Those are the only ones I'm really sure of right now, but there are probably some more.

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Anything for the PC.

Other than that, I'm willing to sell any of my games because, in the end, they're just material items.

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I prefer not to sell games in case I ever want to go back and play them again. I also don't really get into multiplayer, so I don't have to worry about my game getting replaced by something newer.

And I can't sell PC games, obviously.

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I keep all of them.

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the Orange Box.. best deal ever! i love every game in it

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I don't really sell my games but I would never get rid of Alice: Madness Returns.

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I've decided to start collecting so from now on I refuse to sell any

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@DonPixel said:

I keep all my games because I'm a game collector


I'm waiting for Steel Battalion to be my thousandth. Should come on Monday.

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@DonPixel said:

I keep all my games because I'm a game collector

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Uhm with me, unless it's especially rare or out of production (like my Dreamcast games) then anything is expendable.

I value more space than having games around, 90% of which I will probably never replay.

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All of them.

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I buy the games when they are €20.

I don't sell them because for the time I've finished, that doesn't make much sense anyway.

I could sell gears of war 1, for instance, but it's better than gears of war 2, imho, so I'm not doing that.

The only game I'd sell is timeshift, it's still not opened, I made a mistake, I confused it with singularity. Dammit!

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I'm not poor and I hate GameStops business practices. I don't sell any games. I've been gaming for 20 years. I know how to tell apart quality and crap.

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Brutal Legend, Dragon Quest 8, Alan Wake, Enslaved, NGSigma2.
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My T rated version of Oblivion....awww yeah.

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I never sell any of my games anymore last time i did that was when I was a kid

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Suikoden 2

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I have no problem selling them, it's just that I'm too lazy to seek actual buyers, and far too lazy/don't want to trade them in at ebgames (Canadian Gamestop)

I just traded in Infamous 2 and GOW3 for a dark souls preorder, and I probably won't sell/trade that in.

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All games i own, trading games/selling them is for jerks.

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  1. Nier
  2. Alan Wake
  3. Shadows of the Damned
  4. Deadly Premonition
  5. Brutal Legend
  6. Force Unleashed
  7. Red Dead Redemption
  8. Fable 2
  9. Fable 3
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Valkyria Chronicles.

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I don't trade/sell games really. Never have.

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I will get rid of them all at some point. No game is sacred to me.

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Basically anything that's built up a solid series, that I've bought a special edition of or that I spent a lot of money buying DLC for. So that means the entire Uncharted series, the entire Gears of War series, the entire Halo series, the entire Mass Effect series, Alan Wake, the last 3 Call of duty games, Red Dead Redemption, Fable 2, the entire Assassin's Creed series, Bioshock 1 & 2, Borderlands, Brutal Legend, Saints Row 2, Infamous 1 & 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Dead space 1 & 2, GTA IV, the entire Resistance series, Killzone 2 & 3, Burnout Paradise, Prototype and the entire Ratchet & Clank series. And this is just the selection of games I'm hording for the 360 and PS3. I havn't even included the box I have for Xbox, PS1, PS2, PSP, GameBoy, NES & PC games.

I made the mistake of selling all the Colony Wars games once and I've regretted it ever since. I won't make the same mistake again.

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I don't sell any of my games anymore. That said if I for some reason HAD to throw away a bunch of games I would keep only what I know that I'd want to replay. Stuff like Demon's Souls and Bionic Commando.

Looking in my shelf there's sadly not a lot of stuff this gen that I couldn't bear to be seperated from. Uncharted games? Fun, but I'd rather just play the new one. Bioshock? Too long and I already know the twists. Dead Space? I didn't like it the first time! Assassin's Creed? When you're done with one of those games you are DONE with that game. I could make an exception for Brotherhood because of the multiplayer, but the sequel is almost out anyway.

Does DS still count as this gen? The second Bleach fighting game on there and the Ouendan games cause they're awesome!

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Resident Evil 4 & 5

Prince of Persia

Tomb Raider

Alice Madnes Return

Project Zero 1 & 2

Silent Hill 3

Obscure 1 & 2

Any game related to LOTR (just because I'm a fan of LOTR)

Heavenly Sword

Kingdom Hearts