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I used to be big into PC games, but now I'm all about the consoles. So here's my list of games I'd want on XBLA with 400 achievement points each.

Thief 1&2, System Shock 1&2, Unreal 1&2, Quake 1&2 (surprised these aren't on there already since Quake 1 was bundled with Quake 4,) Anachronox, Blood 1&2, Kingpin.

I could go on, but I think you guys get what I'm saying. I'd love to see a bunch of late 90's, early 2000's PC classics brought to consoles. I know I could still get those on the PC, but like I said, I haven't been interested in gaming on my PC for a long time.

Maybe those types of games will come to XBLA and PSN in the next generation of consoles.

What games would you guys wanna see brought to consoles for download?

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Tecmo Super Bowl, and not some bullshit remake either.

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I would love for there to be an HD remake of The Warriors on XBLA/PSN. I'd be all over that shit.

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I have been afraid to look out of fear of my wallet exploding into dust, so I'm sure a lot of them are on there already, but there are a ton of old PSX/PS2 JRPG's that I would kill to see on PSN. Just can't get into the idea of spending money on a library of digital only games for consoles though. As soon as the next gen rolls around they will be unplayable and a few years after that I will be lucky if I can even download them any more. Unless they had some guarantee that I would always be able to play them no matter what version of the system I own I just can't see me spending money on digital console games.

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heretic and hexen

i'd kill for those on xbla

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An original Xbox game called "Deathrow". It was a futuristic sports game where you threw a disk into a goal, but you could also beat up the opposing team, collect points and "stimulants" (drugs) to boost your player, and so on. That would be an amazing game, especially with Live support. Greg Kasavin gave it an 8.7 when he reviewed it, a decade ago.

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@Yorkin said:

Blood 1&2

Exactly what I came in to say. Duke 3D was an awesome port, and the rest of the major Build games would be a treat. Even Shadow Warrior. And if they get Blood 2 in there, that paves the way for Shogo.

But above all, I want some Rise of the Triad. Especially since all we got out of nu-Apogee's teaser was an iOS port...

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent. My 65 inch TV is downstairs and my pc is upstairs. I want Amnesia on a giant screen with surround sound.

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@Redbullet685 said:

I would love for there to be an HD remake of The Warriors on XBLA/PSN. I'd be all over that shit.

The warriors was a brilliant game! A fantastic combat system and the tone fit the movie as well. My cousin and I played that game a lot.

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I want Metal Gear Solid 1 for the xbox!

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Phantom Dust with online, also Unreal champ 2 with online, and CVS 2. that is all.

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I'm surprised Sony hasn't released a shit ton of PS2 games on PSN yet. Where's all of the Final Fantasy's? Or maybe the Suikoden, Wild Arms, or Xenosaga series. Better yet, now that the PSP isn't relevant anymore, why not allow us to play PSP games on the PS3? Hell, I'll even sign up for a membership if that's what I have to do.

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Power Stone 2 - Could happen

WWF No Mercy - Will never happen

Sega Soccer Slam - I think it's an Xbox Original but I'm talking about a graphical upgrade and online play

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Tomba series or the first two katamari games for XBLA. Will never happen of course.

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@supamon said:

Tomba series or the first two katamari games for XBLA. Will never happen of course.

Aren't the Tomba games coming out on PSN, as Classics? Like soon?

I would pick Eternal Darkness. I've always wanted to play it and would love to do so without having to buy a Gamecube.

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Honestly, PSN has pretty much every noteworthy PS1 game as a playstation classic. While I wouldn't mind updated versions of some of those games (just tried to play Xenogears...it could use a new coat of paint), I can't really think of any ports I would like on either console.

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@JaredA: That is PS One game that has to be reconfigure for the Xbox. Konami doesn't want to spend time doing that. Which is why it wasn't included in any of the HD collections.

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Where is my Spyro PS1 games at, those games were great.

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I'd like to see the thatgamecompany games come to XBLA.

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I would like to see Rez for PSN. I wished ATLUS would release their other SMT games like Nocturne or Digital Devil saga.

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I'd like it if Skies of Arcadia made its way to XBLA. The sound quality of the Dreamcast version with the extras of the GameCube version, that'd be great.

It might actually happen, too:

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I'd kill for port of Morrowind.

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MGS1. Don't care if it's "HD Collection"-ish or not. Just fucking put it out on XBLA so we can get the full story prior to 4.

Phantom Dust with restored online play.

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@wemibelec90: Yeah but I don't own a PS3 =(

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So we're just talking straight ports? I can only think of how I'd like to see games modified for their PSN/XBL release.

For instance FFX and Skies of Arcadia should have randomly triggered encounters removed

Sonic CD should get a director's cut version in which you play through all stages and time zones, or a mode where you can't proceed to the next stage until you finish that stage while in Good Future.

In terms of straight ports here's what I'd like to see:

  • Daytona USA 2 (either version, but ideally both versions, or a mix of both)
  • Sonic Unleashed PS2Wii (come to think of it this probably makes more sense than releasing it as part of an HD collection)
  • See my list of PSone classics I want
  • obviously Bomberman Act Zero should be on PSN and XBL but with offline multiplayer added, and a quicksave feature and maybe even co-op. Also improve camera in third person mode, it felt a bit like maidwork trying to keep your camera just right, and having to move it left/right constantly while trying not to nudge it up/down in the process.
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Those indie games out on steam would be awesome too; like Q.U.B.E and Vessel.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent. My 65 inch TV is downstairs and my pc is upstairs. I want Amnesia on a giant screen with surround sound.
I came in to this thread just to say this. And on PS3 the sixaxis stuff would actually be useful for once.
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Resident evil 0 and REmake. If only they could re-render those backgrounds at a higher resolution. This won't happen though considering the treatment that re4 got for it's not so HD update.

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Infocom's text games from the 80's but voice enabled and read like an audio book. Toss in some artistic stills to look at, and I'd love to revisit these classics. This idea wouldn't necessarily be limited to PSN/XBLA but would also work on iOS/Android platforms.

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And Legend of Grimrock! ok I'm done.

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Annualized sports franchises. Why anyone pays 60 for the current year when last year is always like 3$ is baffling to me. Might as well make 'em a 15-20$ downloadable, strip out those terrible career modes and just make it exhibition matches and tournaments against AI, local and online players.

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Obiviously...Killer Instinct on XBLA

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Capcom Alien vs Predator arcade beat em up

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Any of the portable versions of persona.

A bunch of Psp games that don't have digital versions that i want on my vita like Crisis Core.

I want Ring Of Red on the eu psn store, i cba with using a us account and dealing with the hassle with psn cards.

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when i read the title i though you meant what game on ps3 did you want on xbla and vice versa. and i really wanted shadow complex on psn, that game was almost enough to get me to go out and buy an xbox.

i really want tomba to be on psn. it is apparently comming in the us but not europe so ill most likely just buy it of my american account.

Diablo 1 since it was released on Psx and with the high popularity of D3 there they could do it.

and a ton of other games that i dont want to list since it will take me forever

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All of them.  I want all of the games.

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Die Hard Arcade on either.

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The Capcom Dungeons & Dragons games, Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara. Played through them both on MAME recently and they hold up remarkably well! I imagine they are stuck in Rights Limbo nowadays though, with TSR being long gone and all.