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Another random thought of mine, are there any games you've went back to playing recently? And it doesn't have to necessarily be a game from 5 or 6 years ago, it could be recent, just a game that you've beaten already. I just got back into playing Red Dead Redemption, the original Dead Space, and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
I would recommend purchasing Paper Mario for the Gamecube, if you could find it.
So, what games have you been coming back to recently?

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Just Cause 2 is my only answer 
I went back to Uncharted 2 and RDR and Assassin's Creed and Crysis but stopped in all of them, because this year simply doesn't have any room for 'going back'.. it's all new games

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Well I've recently gone back to playing through both Kotor and Mass Effect games, which has subsequently led to me realizing that the only games I really tend to take trips back to are RPG's. I don't know, maybe it's the writing or something, but I always find RPG's to be the most replay-friendly and almost never go through shooters or action games more than once or twice before shelving them indefinitely. 

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Dragon Age Origins was the last game i replayed from start to finish.

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Dragon Age Origins is still awesome

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Went back to finish Red Dead Redemption.

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GTA: San Andreas and Burnout 3. Also Blitz 2000. Dug out the tote of older systems the other day. Burnout 3 still holds up amazingly well. And I never got more than 2 hours in GTA:SA, even though I love gangsta rap and the Compton era of rap.

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Gave New Vegas a 2nd shot on the PC (didn't find it great first week of release on xbox), waay better, everything's fixed, and as it turns out, like with Elder Scrolls games I like the way it plays on PC better. Guess I should have known that, Bethesda. But yeah sunk like 31 hours in a week or less, quite a bit for me.

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Since I don't really have a steady stream of new games to play I come back to old games all the time. Over the past few weeks I've found myself playing Grand Theft Auto IV, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Team Fortress 2, Halo: Reach and right now I'm playing Fallout: New Vegas. I'm glad I did come back to these games, they've all been really good.

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TF2. With all the freebies though it's a god dam nightmare to find a game worth playing. You ether get stuck on the team made of nothing but freebies and you get stomped in seconds because they all play sniper or spy, or you are the other team and you are just stomping over everything and never having fun because there is no challenge.

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I never beat Red Faction Guerilla, but I put it back in a few days ago and am trying to beat it. 
I bought the Valve complete pack while already owning the Orange Box on 360, and used to own Half-Life on PS2, so I'm going back through all of the Half-Life games on PC now.
And Crysis 2. That campaign is nuckin' futs. I love it. The multiplayer's good, too, but that's an awesome campaign. 
Finally, I plan to get the Halo Anniversary edition when it cames out and replaying Halo for the million billionth time. 
Yeah, I play through shooter campaigns way more than once. Generally I beat most shooter campaigns three or four times before putting them down. Sorry, I just love shooting. 
EDIT: Also Megaman Zero 3. Again. And probably a few more times after. I've beaten that game so, so many times.

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Well, I just rebeat Super Mario Bros. 3, so there's that.

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I just bought Assassin's creed 2 for $20.  Well worth the price. 

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I just started Mass Effect, seeing as I now have a computer that can run it.

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I recently went back to play some of my early ps3 games like Heavenly Sword and Folklore, both are good. Heavenly Sword is very God of War like and Folklore is different. Also I've been playing that Prince of Persia game, the one with Nathan Drake in it.

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I just recently went back and played Halo: Reach's campaign over again. Such a phenomenal game.

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I recently played through both uncharted games again.
I also play through all of the metal gear games once a year.

Understand that I replay games because I Really enjoy the atmosphere and story. Not because the gameplay is awesome, so when I restart a game I usually set it to easy and breeze through. Like a good movie:-)

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I went back an played a bunch of Splosion Man to prepare for Ms. Splosion man. Finally got all those damn cakes in the single-player, too.

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  • Torchlight - this is the perfect game for dry months, quick and easy to play.
  • Stacking - I need to beat the last level, good game.
  • Crysis - I never finished this one, still chipping away one acre of land at a time, sp gets boring to me quick
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going back to ME2 and RDR as i skipped out on them previously due to lack of interest in gaming for a bit. Just played Dead Space 2, even though I purchased it a few months after release when Amazon had a price drop but didn't jump into it.
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Funny I am replaying Red Dead Redemption , also already played through FEAR and FEAR 2 , Doom (which never played completely until now) and Duke Nukem 3D. And I think I am due to my yearly Half Life 2 playthrough

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A friend of mine bought Borderlands from the Steam sale, so I decided to walkthrough it with him. This time after we finished the story we did all the DLC.