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I was just wondering after listening to this weeks Bombcast, if anybody remembers the hotspot. Now I know its still going on but i mean the classic hotspot with Rich, Jeff and assorted guests. My favourite hotspot moment is when Jeff exclaimed "Driver 5 IS ALIVE". So funny. Whats your favourite hotspot moment?

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Yea; classic hotspot is probably the greatest series of podcasts ever. But that golden age has long since passed....

plus Brad, Jeff, Ryan, and Vinny do pretty well for themselves

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The Hotspot is pretty boring now, but it used to be the best

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Um i remember when VInny exclamed that maybe the reason why marcus fenix wears the doorag is because he got his hair shot-off. That was funny

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hotspot now is still kind of funny. the two new guys they have on there (the noob and the guy from the news section) are pretty funny. but nothing compares to the bombcast.

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When the Canadian kid called them and started rapping and telling them about his game idea - Shaq has a bazooka and he's the president of USA. And then the gamespot crew started rofling...

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Old Hotspot was the best by far with Ryan, Jeff and ofcourse Rich... back in the day were Jeff would spit rhymes and drop bombs =/

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Rich Gallup;s The HotSpot, including Too Hot music, best podcast ever.

Presently, Bombcast is untouchable.

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I'm sure most people came into this thread with their flame sword ready to strike, thinking the OP was talking about the current Hotspot, waiting to defend the Bombcast. I know I was.

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Yeah the Hotspot was the greatest Podcast around, now its a bit dull compared to the Bombcast.

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I never did like the hotspot

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The Classic was probably the best yeah. It was hilarious. I remember sitting there and laughing all the time at Jeff and Rich in particular. Such a pity it doesn't exist anymore.

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I liked it before everyone left, now it's kind of boring.

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Giantbomb cast will become the hotspot 2.0 dattebayo!

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Hotspot...not so hot
Bombcast...fresh, new, funny, interesting, engaging

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Yh I suppose the hotspot past its prime even though its sad to think it. By the way awesome icon OroJackson.

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*Puts sword away* Well I listen to a ton of Podcast (28) and my favorites are (In rank)  The Giant Bombcast, (F)GFW, 1UP Yours and Control Point.

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Yeah there's really no reason to listen to the hotspot anymore.

I always liked Jeff's intro on every 'classic' hotspot.

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Favorite, kinda classic hotspot would be a late October 2007 episode. There was no Rich on this episode, but this was the 'gaming for me is a religion and has is the S*** ! when they cursed i think 33 times in one episode. My favorite version of that was definitely 'Gaming for me is a religion and Haze is the pope'

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It was great in its prime.
My favorite moment was the call, and the reaction to the call, where a guy claimed he was drinking beers and playing fl0w, and then asked if fl0w was the future of gaming. That whole 5 minute chunk of audio is sooooooo damn good.

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I never heard The HotSpot.  Sorry.

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I didn't start listening to podcasts till late last year so I missed the boat on that.

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My favorite episode was the one when Jeff and Rich were pretending to be sexist saying how girls don't play games.  "My Xbox is an Easy Bake Oven", while Carrie was getting really mad.  That was also the episode where Carrie announced she was leaving Gamespot.