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Hey people, I am a fantasy sports fan and I have been thinking for a while about how to make fantasy sports more of a game. I was wondering what kind of systems do you think you could add to a fantasy sport to make the "gameplay" more dynamic and interesting. For now the person with the best players will almost always win, and in a world where Lebron James is 10 times the player that the 10th best player is, the advantage of having him can be more than any amount of trades or waver pick-ups can account for. One way to offset the stat disparity would be to add modifiers to players which incentivize you to pair certain players up; fore example, there could be a "run and gun" bonus on players like Steve Nash, Amare Stodemire, and Stephan Curry who love to play at a fast pace, assembling two run and gun players in your line-up could give each a 10% bonus on scoring and assists, while also adding a 10% penalty to turn overs.

The same idea can be applied to football, if you have a deep threat receiver and a strong armed qb, then each receives a bonus amount of yardage every game for being on the same team.

Any other ideas to make this fun, but not entirely skillful game a little more gamey?

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You're on the right track with stat bonuses. Maybe build in different parameters every week like a rivalry bonus for Saints players playing against the Falcons, or a negative points for dome players playing at Lambeau in December. Obviously it can't to a point where its 100% skill based, fantasy sports are based on games played in IRL, where anything can happen.

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@ddensel: It will never be 100% skill based, but there needs to be some way for skill to mitigate bad luck on draft day. Especially in football where every pick is such a crap shoot.

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I also really like the idea of making defensive skill matter in fantasy basketball, since right now all you have is blocks and steals. It would be cool if good defensive players could debuff the offensive player they are matched up against.