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#51 Posted by normajean777 (450 posts) -

well lets see

never liked the half life series
played mario galaxy for 3 hours then never touched it again still sitting on my shelf
i bought lair and its good
I usually dont care for multiplayer games but im addicted to warhawk
gta4 was lame. vice city was loads better

#52 Posted by Aarny91 (3912 posts) -

I hate Final Fantasy and playing Half Life gives me a headache so i've never completed one

#53 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -

I laugh at people who call themselves gamers then say LBP is stupid.


#54 Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer (303 posts) -

I don't know, I've spent hundreds of hours playing World of Warcraft. I consider that my biggest gaming "sin". Also, I was apathetic about FFXII. About four years too late, square.

#55 Posted by Aarny91 (3912 posts) -
Chocobo_Blitzer said:
"I don't know, I've spent hundreds of hours playing World of Warcraft. I consider that my biggest gaming "sin". Also, I was apathetic about FFXII. About four years too late, square.

It isnt a sin at all.
#56 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -

Sin might not be the word... I think 'being a loser' would be a better term.

#57 Posted by Manks (836 posts) -

I hate japanese RPGs and never played a SNES.

#58 Posted by snide (2413 posts) -

I finish maybe 10% of the games I buy. Secretly as I grow older, I wish more and more that games were shorter.

#59 Edited by elbow (368 posts) -
- I disliked Bioshock and hated Oblivion, and think Fallout 3 will be in the same vein as these games.
- Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the greatest games of all time, with one of the worst endings of all time.
- Ashe from FFXII is hella sexier than Tifa.
- Grand Theft Auto 4 was a good game, not great.
- The Wii is still a gimmick in my mind with a select few games worth playing, worse than the Gamecube in terms of selection.
- Resident Evil 5 will not "wow" people like Resident Evil 4, in lue of many games changing Third Person Shooters and Capcom seemingly ingoring that.
- Call of Duty 4's multiplayer doesn't hold a candle to Team Fortress 2.

- Never played The Ocarina of Time, although owned a N64.
- Never owned Super Mario 64, although I got to borrow it and did beat it.
- Owned Hey You Pikachu! (Don't ask)
- Never knew how to execute finishers in any of those Aki wrestling games for the N64.
- Never played Fina Fantasy VII.
- Owned Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel, but never actually finished it.
- Never defeated the Elite Four in Pokemon Blue without cheating.

I'm sure there are more to come.
#60 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -
snide said:
"I finish maybe 10% of the games I buy. Secretly as I grow older, I wish more and more that games were shorter."

Bahaha!!! You lose!
#61 Posted by MrTaco (52 posts) -


  • I angered Halo fanboys by saying it stinks before Halo 3 came out...and I still honestly believe that.  (Though I will admit the Forge Editor brings me endless fun when playing with a few friends and a gravity hammer)
  • Half-Life 2 is one of my favorite games...yet I can't bring myself to finish the first.
  • Have never came across a modern MMORPG that I like...even though I played a 2D one AGES ago like mad (even payed $10 a month for it).
  • Enjoyed Runescape for an entire week
  • Feel really guilty about that last one
  • Is afraid for my life now...

Anyway yeah, thats all I can think of.
#62 Posted by Magnum (349 posts) -
Sentry said:
"Sin might not be the word... I think 'being a loser' would be a better term.
says guy with 1890 forum posts on a video game website.

We all got problems. Keep it clean.
#63 Posted by Mistyshadow (255 posts) -

I thought Sims Online was a really fun game.... I'm so ashamed!

#64 Posted by Luchadeer (105 posts) -
Dissolve said:
"Luchadeer said:
"I own a copy of 50 cent: bulletproof, beat that one
I bought Enter The Matrix the day it came out.
I also bought bulletproof the day it came out
#65 Posted by interstate78 (95 posts) -

the guy who said Spider-Man 3 was better than Dark Knight can suck my left nut-- that's complete non-sense

but anyways here are mine

- I finished my first Mario Game 2 years ago
- I never played through any Final Fantasy game
- I think Metal Gear's story is overrated. It's impossibly nerd-core
- I haven't finished even 5% of the games I've owned *sad puppy face*

#66 Posted by beavis (7 posts) -

- I never beat FF7, even though I have beaten FF8 3 or 4 times...
- MGS1 is still my favourite in the series
- I skipped a whole game generation (PS2, XBOX, GC era)

all of these make me feel guilty

#67 Edited by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -

-I didn't like Rainbow Six: Vegas.

-I think Bioshock is extremely overrated.

-Final Fantasy is not an RPG. (Not so much a confession, but it's true.)

#69 Posted by Tordah (2471 posts) -
  • I can't play survival-horror games at all. I just get scared too easily and I don't want to continue due to the fact that something will jump at me around the next corner. <_< Strangely enough I could watch any horror movie in the middle of the night and not even blink. I guess I just get too much into a videogame when I'm the main character myself.
  • I've tried twice but never managed to get further than one hour into Baldur's Gate.
  • I really dislike the Playstation controller.
  • I've only played the first Metal Gear Solid game but never finished it.
#70 Posted by Why_So_Serious (803 posts) -

-Never completed a Half-life game

-Not a huge fan of Mario
-I don't like sim racers and 3d fighting games because I suck at them.
#71 Posted by Aarny91 (3912 posts) -

500+ hours of WoW

#72 Edited by tokyochicken (849 posts) -

Never beat chrono trigger and half life 2 and didn't really like portal...don't kill me lol

#73 Posted by hungrynun (444 posts) -

I spent at least 200$ on an original copy of The Neverhood to loose it the following week.

I also sold games such as Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Zelda: OoT, Mario 64, and a few other classic titles for 25$ when I was little to buy this game from a friend:


#74 Posted by Pakorn (183 posts) -

Honestly? Beyond Good and Evil just bored the everloving shit out of me.

I loved Jak and Daxter, and Jak II was even better. Could not get into Jak 3 at all.

Never played any Ratchet and Clank games.

I still own and play my Sega Saturn - Daytona USA rocks hardcore! ("rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRolling STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART," "Bruue, brue skies!")

#75 Posted by crunchUK (5963 posts) -

i like playing games without any trousers on.

never played half life p;orperly

#76 Posted by Resonate (172 posts) -

I cheated to win Lego Star Wars

#77 Posted by Jayge_ (10222 posts) -

When it wasn't breaking, I very much enjoyed the gameplay of Tenchu Z.

I also don't like Super Mario Galaxy, or 64. I did enjoy Sunshine though, and I love the 2d ones.

I didn't like Bioshock, Mass Effect, or Gears of War.

And I'm avoiding Gears 2 if I can (I was forced to buy Halo 3 by all of my friends, and even my goddamn family).

#78 Posted by ConkerAndBerri2 (177 posts) -

I hate the Halo series..

#79 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2418 posts) -
raghraghragh said:
"- I loved MS1, MGS2, MGS4 but just couln't get into MGS3."
Same here. I hate Half Life 2.
#80 Posted by AlexB (1023 posts) -

I bought Red Steel *cringes*
Never played FF7.
Never played Battletoads.
Never beat a Metroid game (besides hunters). Those games are great, but lose my attention quickly.

#81 Edited by ZombieJesus (231 posts) -

I find Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer boring and dull and  think Team Fortress 2 is the best multiplayer game of all time.

#82 Posted by whackmypinata (941 posts) -

I never put my Guitar Hero stickers on my Guitars.

#83 Posted by Systech (4078 posts) -

I played The Matrix Online.

#84 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

Games make me easily frustrated, and so either it takes me forever to beat it, or I look at a walkthrough.I haven't played any of the classics on the N64, Dreamcast, PS1. I got a PS2, but didn't really get that many games.I sold 3 R&C; games (but last christmas bought other copies), also sold Jak 3 (had fun, just didn't care)Don't like horror surivial games. Could probably play resident Evil.

#85 Posted by Pezjulo (224 posts) -

I bought Ice Age for the GBA

#86 Posted by hazelnutman (1097 posts) -

I played RuneScape for 5 months.

Arrest me now.

#87 Posted by Wijeeba (87 posts) -

I never finished Baldur's Gate... and I never got past the 1st act of Neverwinter Nights

#88 Posted by j_meyer_13 (386 posts) -

never played any of the Final Fantasy games...still don't see the appeal in them.
same thing with WoW, altho i did play Runescape for a while...my cousin suckered me into that :(
I like single-player games more than playing online.

#89 Posted by hazzard4123 (196 posts) -
elbow said:
#90 Posted by Ishoturface (421 posts) -

i dont like grand theft auto

#91 Posted by Stray (117 posts) -

Blown off a gf to keep gaming until the wee hours.

Still play Sammy Sosa's Softball Slam.

However, did not blow off gf to play Softball Slam.

#92 Posted by armaan8014 (5333 posts) -

I dont like playing counter strike.
I liked gta vice better than andreas and liberty.
I didn't like esiv: oblivion.

#93 Posted by deboer (44 posts) -

I have never cared to play a final fantasy game in my life.

#94 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

I've never played a Legend of Zelda game.

#95 Edited by Major (506 posts) -

I thought MGS4 was stupidly overrated and all the other MGS games were better.
I bought GTA: VC 4 different times (PC DVD, Steam, PS2, Xbox)
Bought gold in World of Warcraft (Back when WoW was new and the amount of the time to get the gold was longer than getting the real world cash)

#96 Posted by DavidPalmer (343 posts) -

I never killed General RAAM in Gears.

#97 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2884 posts) -

I hate Oblivion, and Morrowind.
I cant stand the 3-D Zelda games.

#98 Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition (735 posts) -

I played Final Fantasy [can't remember which one], and it bored me to near death.

I hate RPGs and turn-based games because of that.

#99 Posted by Aaron_G (1611 posts) -

I never got into Halo 3 online. 

#100 Posted by chazer127 (213 posts) -

Managed to compleate mario galaxy (60 stars) in under 1 day
I never compleated a Final fantasy title but I love playing them
I never compleated any of the metroid prime titles, although I find the 2D ones very easy
I buy Sonic games hoping Sega have done it right this time
I hate MMORPG with a passion
I broke my sega saturn by chewing the wires of it when I was 5
I pooped myself while playing Resi 3 on the PS1
I have played Sonic adventure 2 for about 90 hours
I sell nearly every game I complete
I buy any game with a decent online mode
I think Sonic 3 and Knuckles was one of the best 2D platformers ever *hides behinde anti flame sheild*